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200 Years of Frankenstein to be Marked at Langley Castle

Langley Castle, in Langley-on-Tyne, Northumberland

Lower Tynedale’s heritage gem, Langley Castle Hotel in Langley-on-Tyne, is preparing to stage a chilling autumnal theatrical production to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of ‘Frankenstein’ – Mary Shelley’s world-famous, Gothic horror novel.

A reimagining of Mary Shelley’s classic storyline, performed by North East theatre company, Timeworks Theatre, will be staged at
Langley Castle, which has been on the Northumbrian landscape since 1350.

Timeworks is known for celebrating various anniversaries and historical events, by creating productions based on a wide variety of pieces, from comedy to drama and from children’s stories to horror, in the vein of ‘Frankenstein’.

Their production of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece is entitled ‘Frankenstein – a Gothic Creation’. It has been written by North East writer, John Seymour, and commemorates both the novel, in its bicentennial year, and Mary Shelley’s life. It retells the story of Dr Frankenstein and the hideous and monstrous creature he fashions whilst attempting to create a living and intelligent life-form. The underlying theme is true to the question Ms Shelley posed: ‘What it would be like if man had the same power of creation as God?’

This theme will resonate and provoke responses, in a world in which cloning, genetic engineering and the unlocking of the secrets that DNA holds are never out of the news. Seymour’s interpretation will portray both the terror of the novel’s plot, as well as key events in the life of a writer who breathed life into such a terrifying creature.

This event takes place on Friday October 26, spookily close to Halloween, and tickets cost just 13.50. A fully-licensed bar will also be available throughout the evening and those wishing to dine before the performance can enjoy a pre-theatre menu comprising either a two-course or three-course meal from Langley’s multi-choice Pavilion menu. Tickets and meals should all be booked in advance.

Carla Robinson, general manager at Langley Castle, says: “Langley is continually incorporating new experiences into its offering and this theatre production is a classic example. Langley has evolved, yet stayed relevant to people, over six centuries and more and is enjoying a wonderful reinvention at present, thanks to the huge desirability of a castle wedding and the massive popularity of Game of Thrones – a series set with backdrops remarkably close to that of Langley Castle. The Frankenstein event will allow people to appreciate Langley in an entirely different way, contributing yet another dimension to our amazing heritage destination venue.”