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2019 Success for Bolton-based Parcel2Go

2019 was a record year for Bolton-based parcel comparison website Parcel2Go, in-creasing their authority as the number one website for finding couriers in the UK. There were many highlights to the year for Parcel2Go but the business will now be focusing on the decade ahead and how they can continue to improve their service to their target customers.

So, what made this such a good year for the Bolton-based business?

60 Million Orders Since 2006

Since they started tracking orders by P2G Number in 2006, Parcel2Go has now eclipsed 60 million orders via their ecommerce website which makes them the UK number 1 comparison site by some distance. They have managed to achieve this by working with the best couriers in the industry but also by developing their reputation by providing an excellent and affordable service for their customers. They have also achieved this landmark through innovation and providing helpful tools to improve their service and features, such as developing an app to simplify the process.

£100 Million in Revenue

Parcel2Go also announced in October of 2019 that they reached £100 million in revenue over a 12-month period for the very first time. When compared to the £15.9 million posted in 2010, it goes to show what a long way the company has come and how bright the future looks. The success is thought to be attributed to the growth in international parcel delivery with small businesses benefiting from the emergence of a lucrative export economy.

Tech Awards & Lucrative Buyout

Unsurprisingly, these great milestones have not gone unnoticed and Parcel2Go were listed in the ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Tech Companies’ at the 2019 Northern Tech Awards. As such a successful and fast-growing business, it was not too much of a surprise when London-based private equity firm Mayfair Equity Partners announced that it was backing the management buyout of Parcel2Go toward the end of the year in December. This will arm management with the capital needed to accelerate growth plans to further cement their status as the UK’s number 1 parcel comparison website.

Benefits to Bolton

It is easy to see why there is so much excitement and positivity surrounding Parcel2Go after what was an incredible 12 months. The company has also done a huge amount for the town of Bolton having employed over 230 staff from the local area to make Parcel2Go one of the biggest employers in the area which will only continue as the company continues to grow and develop.

It has been an incredible 12 months for Bolton-based company Parcel2Go who have posted records numbers, been recognised for their impressive efforts and also now have the resources in place to further cement their position as leaders of the industry. It will be exciting to see what Parcel2Go has lined up next and the benefits that this will bring to the town of Bolton and the surrounding area.

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