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7 Easy Ways to Promote Staff Wellbeing At Work

How to promote wellbeing at work

Employee mental and physical wellbeing is becoming a core priority for companies of all sizes. It is now recognised that ‘happy’ employees develop as engaged and motivated teams, which in turn helps to attract and retain talent to give companies a competitive advantage.

As a business, no matter the size, it is important to have a robust program in place to ensure that staff have procedures in place to allow them a comfortable working environment.

Employee wellbeing is no longer an optional extra, but a strategic necessity to ensure your event staff remain happy, productive and perform well.

Ultimately, the more comfortable your staff are in the workplace, the harder they will work which in turn will impact hugely on the success of your business.

To help ensure you are keeping your staff on the right track, Skyline Whitespace have put together their top tips to help your business improve its wellbeing program.

1. Start early

Having a good start to the day can have a significant effect on your level of productivity. Encourage your staff to arrive five or 10 minutes early so they have the opportunity to relax, grab a coffee and a bite to eat before the day begins This will help their mindset and prepare them for a good day ahead.

2. Eat well

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not supply some fruit in the office for your staff? Fruit, nuts and oatmeal cookies are all great to snack on in the morning and throughout the day. Providing a healthy breakfast will boost your staff’s mood and brain power which will make them more energised and focused in the long run.

It is also important to foster an environment where taking a proper lunch break is encouraged. Giving your staff the opportunity to get out of the office for some fresh air and a break from the screen will leave them feeling refreshed on their return and ready to tackle the afternoon.

3. Stay hydrated

Without proper hydration, your employees will become more fatigued and less focused quicker. Providing bottled water, or even better, reusable, refillable bottles for each staff member, will help them drink more throughout the day. If you have enough space, consider a water container with tap for easy refills.

4. Keep moving

We’ve all heard it: ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Movement effectively pumps blood through the body, improves clear thinking and keeps us healthy. Encourage your staff to take regular breaks where they can step away from their desk for a minute or two.

Although it may feel like this is losing valuable work time, research shows that standing up and stepping away from a screen for a few minutes each hour can help to avoid headaches, eye strain and back problems caused by poor posture.

By allowing a few minutes of screen-free time for your employers, they are more likely to be productive for longer periods of time.

5. Take breaks

During a busy working day, it may be tempting for your staff to miss their lunch break. And while this may be saving time, lack of a 30 – 60-minute lunch break can lead to tiredness and reduced productivity.

When staff are working to their full capacity, it can be exhausting, and performing at your peak all day requires breaks to recharge emotional and physical energy.

6. Leave grudges at the door

Your employees should try and leave any grudges at the door at the end of each day. Whether they have had a difficult experience with a client or a stressful day reaching deadlines, teach staff to draw a line under it and start the following day with a fresh perspective.

This will help them start the day with a clear mind and focus on goals they need to accomplish without a clouded judgment or negativity.

7. Reward good performance

Reward your staff for good performance at the end of each month or quarter. Everyone will have worked hard throughout the month to deliver their results and a reward can be an effective way to encourage a higher level of performance, as well as helping them stay energetic and driven.

It is also a nice way to say thank you to your staff. Some suggestions could be a free lunch for the team or even a free class or yoga or pilates which is ideal for stretching out soreness, increasing energy and refocusing!