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Over 80% of Job Seekers Believe Smartphones Necessary for Job Hunting

89% of UK job seekers searching for new roles believe that their smartphone is a necessity for the job hunting process, the latest findings from Textlocal reveal. The leading SMS platform conducted an in-depth study into mobile technology and the recruitment industry after their initial study predicted a 55% increase in recruitment communications opt-ins by 2020.

Following on from previous research findings, which revealed that 45% of job seekers search for new roles on their mobile devices daily, and 59% save jobs on their smartphone to apply to later in the day on their laptop or desktop – meaning recruiters must adopt a mobile strategy to connect with candidates on the devices they use most.

The rise of job searching apps and social media as a means for advertising roles means that two-thirds of candidates do not use recruitment agencies and can simply bypass the traditional route. However, social media and apps are not a perfect solution – studies have found that 10% of the population do not own a smartphone so cannot access apps, and social media messages are not always easily found from those who are not confirmed contacts, which can lead to messages being unintentionally missed.

When looking to adopt a mobile-first strategy to keep up with job seekers, the research highlights how SMS is the best means of connecting with and staying in contact with candidates, being the only mobile channel which allows recruiters to instantly reach all candidates, no matter their mobile device type. SMS can be used throughout the recruitment process – from getting to know applicants and their requirements for a new job, to sending potential matching roles, to organising interviews and collating feedback both post-interview and post-accepting the role.

Jason Palgrave-Jones, Managing Director at Textlocal, highlights the further benefits: “As well as the ability to use instantaneous short codes, send interactive content-rich messages with locations maps, interview appointment reminders and personalised pre-interview tips straight to candidates’ mobiles, further benefits highlighted by the report include the discretion of SMS – job seekers can hunt for new roles and progress their applications at their desks, avoiding the embarrassment of a ‘can’t talk now’ phone call in the office.”

The full study and guide can be accessed for free by emailing [email protected].