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9xb ecommerce unveils fourth ecommerce store for Watco

Watco UK site

Leeds and Harrogate based ecommerce agency 9xb has unveiled its fourth multi-language website for client Watco, a UK based manufacturer of industrial floor coatings. With offices in the UK, France and Germany and nominated distributors across five other countries including the USA and the Netherlands, Watco has maintained dominance in its market for over 90 years.

The German site follows the recent roll out of Watco’s new UK site earlier this year, and websites for Eire and France.

9xb has worked with Watco for a number of years and was chosen as their ecommerce partner to modernise the ecommerce experience for their customers late last year. A prerequisite for the project was that the site could be scalable across the different regions Watco operates in. The French site was the first site to be launched as a pilot in April this year, with the UK site following shortly afterwards on the back of its success. Since launching the French site, it has seen a 40% increase in conversion rates and 30% increase in transactions.

The sites deliver key functionality including fully responsive ecommerce, customer specific pricing, multi-currency and multi-language, coverage calculator tool, click and collect, needs based up-selling and instant chat, all designed to create an industry leading user experience for Watco customers.

“The new website successfully delivers on Watco’s objectives, providing best in class ecommerce, improved UX, exceptional customer service at point of order, and clear market positioning of product ranges. We’re delighted that Watco has chosen to work with us on this project and that they have been a big part of our success in 2019.” Simon Blake, Client Services Director, 9xb

“9xb worked with us from very early in the project, helping to define our strategy and objectives, and taking the time to understand our products and data to ensure successful merchandising across sites. The ability to roll out new sites quickly is key to growing the Watco brand and 9xb has been an excellent partner in helping us achieve this.” Lisa O’Neill, Marketing Director, Watco UK Ltd