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A CBD business dream born in California comes true in the UK

Photo: Orange County CBD

Orange County CBD is an international award-winning CBD company, based in the UK, who are passionate in helping people enjoy better lives. The company’s story began after the founders spent time in California, where they met their CBD supplier and returned to the UK with the idea of starting a CBD business.

According to one of the founders, this travel was an amazing experience that gave them the chance to understand more about CBD, it’s benefits and the great potential of the CBD market. In January 2019, Orange County CBD went live for the first time, offering a wide range of CBD products from CBD Oils and CBD Gummies to CBD E-Liquids and CBD Skincare.

In 2020 the global CBD market was valued at USD 2.8 billion and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate. (CAGR) of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028 – Cannabidiol Market Growth Analysis Report, 2021-2028, Grand View Research, Inc., US.
For them, one of the greatest difficulties in this industry has been changing people’s perspectives about CBD and showing them that it can provide many benefits for wellbeing. As it stands, CBD has gained consumer interest mainly from promising research into its potential health benefits. The rapid growth of the UK market has stemmed in part from the change to the novel food status of CBD in 2017, bringing wider opportunities as CBD was authorised for use as a commercial ingredient.

As the rise of the CBD industry in the UK and around the world continues to gather huge momentum, one of the big challenges CBD companies face alongside product quality and brand awareness is the focus on digital excellence and providing an efficient, streamlined, frictionless and value-driven experience for digital consumers.

“One of the key drivers for everyone here at Orange County CBD is the constant commitment to providing our digital customers with best in-class digital experiences. From investing in industry-leading ecommerce technology, security and functionality to innovative content, engagement and multimedia solutions, we are constantly looking to improve the digital experience and push the boundaries of user-experience to the limit. To do this we have been fortunate to create a talented, experienced, multi-skilled and highly creative digital team to underpin our digital goals and objectives. Everyone here at Orange County CBD is laser-focussed on best-in-class digital customer satisfaction and how we can best deliver the products and content they want, when they want and how they want”. – says Carl Doyle, Head of Digital & Acquisition at Orange County CBD.

In the sales perspective, working with CBD is a challenge due to the complicated regulatory status it exists in. In many countries, CBD is considered an illegal ingredient or else can only be sold on prescription. “We have strong products, we are an international award-winning CBD company, and we have a great team. I am confident that we are going to grow even more and will become one of the top CBD brands in Europe.” – says Rebecca Hughes, Head of Sales & Operations at Orange County CBD.

Rebecca is also a Yoga teacher and has been teaching for over 11 years. As a person that cares about her wellbeing and lifestyle, she considers herself passionate for CBD products. “I love to use a holistic approach to support my lifestyle and CBD has been great for me in many ways. I like to use Orange County CBD oil before bed, as it supports me in maintaining a good sleep-wake cycle.” – says Rebecca.

Considering the way CBD products have developed in the US, the drinks market seems to be the next big thing for the UK CBD, with multi-billion-dollar investments being poured into the development of CBD infused alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The total Europe CBD market is projected to go past $25.8 billion by 2027. Creams & roll-on topicals are expected to undergo significant growth during this timeline as there is a rising emphasis among consumers to use skincare products that contain CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) Market Trends 2021 | North America, Europe, & APAC Industry Forecasts 2027: Graphical Research.

For Orange County CBD, the next step is to invest in expanding their current skincare range, which currently includes a CBD collagen face cream, CBD muscle and joint balm, CBD infused coconut shampoo and CBD bath bomb.

The company’s expectation for the next five years is that the CBD market will have a huge global increase and enjoy a better legal status in many more countries, providing a perfect opportunity for those companies already on the cutting edge of CBD development.