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A New Art Gallery in Manchester: Bringing London to the North of England

De Lacey Fine Art, 9 South King Street, Manchester.

For the past 4 weeks Manchester-based De Lacey Fine Art has been opening its doors to avid art collectors in their new home in 9 South King Street.. The gallery was set up by Gordon Farmer who has been dealing in art for twenty years selling to clients all around the world. “Back when I was a collector I always found that I had to go to London to see the very latest and best Art in the Country, I could never understand why we never had that in the North, where there is a huge collector base and a some very serious art collectors.” said Gordon.

De Lacey Fine Art offers people the chance to own works held in public collections like the Tate and Royal Academy. Clients have already been buying up some of the hyper rare pieces that the gallery has to offer by artists such as: David Hockney, Elisabeth Frink, Patrick Caulfield, Josef Herman, Paula Rego, John Hoyland, John Bellany, John Piper, and many more. De Lacey Fine Art has a full year of exhibitions planned, with the quality of work remaining high as they show a mix of works by famous, and up and coming artists. Indeed, with the galleries first floor being open, plans are already underway to renovate the second floor, and have it open by the end of the month, more than doubling the size of the gallery space. With further plans for the summer to utilize the massive third floor basement for framing and conservation work, the gallery will be a fully self-contained unit specializing in art.

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