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Adam+Gary Use Drones, CGI, AR And Unreal Engine For Landpod Launch Campaign

CGI from the Landpod launch video

Creative duo adam+gary has used a suite of pioneering technologies to help Landpod, a leading designer and manufacturer of off-grid cabins, unveil their next generation ‘pods’ with a high-concept launch film.

The pair partnered with Manchester creative studio Rig2 to produce the drone shoot, with Macclesfield Forest providing the backdrop for the main campaign, and teaser content shot across Scotland.

The video highlights the ‘install anywhere’ flexibility, strength and lightweight design of the new Landpods, and required the use of multiple technologies to successfully pull-off the concept.

Adam Johnson, Creative Technologist said: “To be as prepared as possible, we built an augmented reality tool to bring an accurate 3D model Landpod on location – allowing us to perfectly frame shots as-if a real Pod was in front of us.

Unreal Engine was also invaluable in creating procedural landscapes, letting us fly a virtual FPV drone through trees at much greater speed and energy than would be safe otherwise, complementing the aerial footage we captured in the forest.”

adam+gary have now updated their AR tool, enabling prospective customers to ‘virtually’ place a true-to-scale model Landpod in their own space using their phone, helping them check how the Pods fit, before they order.

Jake Watson, Founder of Landpod added: “From the very first conversation, we knew we were in good hands. adam+gary and the team at Rig2 truly listened to our ideas, even the craziest ones, and actively engaged in a collaborative process to shape our vision. When they sent us the video, it was like they had climbed into our heads – they had perfectly captured the essence of our message.”

The launch campaign and Augmented Reality tool will be used by the team at Landpod through the 2024 season.