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Animmersion applies Augmented Reality to bring new insights and skills development to engineering industries

When held over the valve cutaway the AR app reveals a range of activities and information

Animmersion is supporting projects to increase knowledge transfer and skills development in the engineering industry utilising Augmented Reality (AR).

The North East-based visualisation and immersive technology company has produced app-based AR solutions for DarbyTech Training Equipment and Tracerco, which enables users to interact with the companies’ engineering solutions, revealing an array of data and information.

Working in close collaboration with DarbyTech, which custom designs and builds technical training equipment and research pilot plants, Animmersion has helped the company develop interactive learning application, Enliven.

The app, which helps bring process industry operations into a classroom setting, utilises AR to demonstrate the operation of a range of valves while also providing interactive learning tools for trainees.

Positioning a tablet device featuring Enliven in front of an AR-activated cutaway model of a valve, the technology activates a series of options including animations of flow rates, value operation training, and knowledge validation quizzes.

The visualisation of engineering systems has also been applied by Animmersion through AR for Tracerco. The company, which is part of Johnson Matthey Plc, engaged Animmersion to produce the app ‘Insight Through AR’, which brings its range of nucleonic instrumentation to life, demonstrating its capability to solve challenging process and control measurement applications.

Through the use of AR and animation, the app allows those working in oil & gas, petrochemical and refining industries to visualise how Tracerco’s range of instrumentation provides accurate and reliable, multiphase, bulk level, density and interactive measurements.

Steve Carpenter, Business Development Director at Animmersion, said: “The application of Augmented Reality demonstrates how digital technology can enhance engagement and knowledge development in engineering-based industries.

“We are seeing an increasing number of companies such as Tracerco and DerbyTech recognising the benefits of incorporating AR technology into their business activities. From both an education and product marketing perspective using AR is more intuitive than simply looking at a traditional cutaway model or image of a product, which encourages greater interaction and understanding of its capabilities.”