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Apple & Rhubarb becomes the third juice in Carlisle-based Eva’s Organics range…

New Eva's Organics Apple & Rhubarb Juice

Following on from the success of their Organic Apple Juice, which has won a Great Taste Award two years running; Eva’s Organics (Juices) based at Low Luckens Farm near Carlisle, are pleased to announce the launch of their new 100% organic, not-from-concentrate, orchard-style Apple & Rhubarb Juice.

The new Apple & Rhubarb Juice is the third in the range and is made using a delicious blend of UK grown seasonal apples; including varieties such as Discovery, Red Windsor, Russet, and Rajka and the finest organic home-grown Rhubarb.

Robert Simpson creator of Eva’s Organic Juices commented: ‘’This is your favourite fruit crumble in a drink… we’ve blended our own freshly picked rhubarb, with our crisp naturally sweet apple juice to deliver a drink with a delicate balance of flavour and a subtle sharpness. Like our other juices this is a pure organic juice, with no added sugar, no added water, and no not-from-concentrate nonsense either, just an honest small batch artisan made organic apple and rhubarb juice bursting with natural goodness and flavour.’’

As a company Eva’s Organics strives to create juices to taste exactly like the ingredients, they have been pressed from… to achieve this we grow our own organic fruit and scour the country looking for like-minded growers who share our simple ethos and values and understand what we are trying to create. Which is why we try and preserve all the goodness and depth of flavour found in the fruit by using traditional artisan methods that help to retain the fruits’ natural flavours and colours – an intrinsic part of our premium juices – just the way nature intended.

Eva’s Organic Juices have no added sugar, flavourings, preservatives or any other unnecessary additives – just a dash of antioxidant vitamin C to help the juice keep its natural colour and for added peace of mind, as with all of Eva’s Organics juices, they are created from apples that have been grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, all in accordance with strict Soil Association organic standards.

The apples used are only harvested when they are ripe, hand graded and only when the best apples have been selected are, they washed in a water bath before being combined with selected fruits and then pressed in small batches so we can ensure each blend is of the highest quality. After which the juice is allowed to settle to retain maximum flavour before it is bottled to produce our award-winning juices.

Eva’s Organics Apple & Rhubarb Juice will be available from November 2019, in 250ml and 750ml bottles, at selected retail outlets across Cumbria or direct from our website in 250ml bottle triple packs.

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