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Arco Unveils New Safety Centre in Cumbria

Arco Unveils New Safety Centre in Cumbria

Arco opened the doors to its new Safety Centre in Workington, expanding its presence in West Cumbria and supporting the safety and welfare of local businesses and Sellafield Ltd employees.

Arco has invested in the new Safety Centre cementing its 30 year relationship with Cumbrian-based Sellafield Ltd, to provide high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to Sellafield employees. Arco has been working with Sellafield Ltd since the early 1980’s and the partnership was a key reason for the opening of the retail store in Carlisle in 1996.

Arco’s investment will also provide health and safety expertise to the local businesses and will help to reinforce the local community’s knowledge in risk management, PPE and safety awareness. Created to meet the needs of Arco customers, the Safety Centre will provide the following services:

  • Safety centre: The centre will be a convenient facility for customers to call in and pick up products and also to obtain technical advice and support for their safety requirements.
  • Expert advice: the experienced team can answer questions and guide you on specific issues or product selection.
  • Safety services: The team can help customers to make sure their teams are competent and their sites safe with their training, consultancy and site services offer.

Nick Davies, Regional Sales Director for Arco, said: “We are really excited to be opening the Safety Centre in Workington, assisting Sellafield employees and the local community. The Centre stocks a comprehensive range of products and solutions, plus training services that will really benefit Arco customers in the Cumbria area.”

The new Safety Centre was opened this month by Lamiss Zarini from Lakes College, accompanied by engineering lecturers and students of Lakes College. On the opening day, the students spent time with the Arco experts, learning about different aspects of risks and hazards and the best use of personal protective equipment.

Davies continues: “Cultivating the next generation of safety experts is important to Arco, as a result we will be working closely with the local community and schools to provide support and training in core skills areas; presenting career seminars and giving training on interview techniques.”