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Are You Losing Business Due to a Slow and Dated Website?

The quality of your digital branding directly impacts how quickly visitors decide to make a purchase. According to the Content Preferences Survey Report, 47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to the sales team, which means that your digital activity needs to be specifically designed around your target audience. If your website is slow, dated and uninformative, you might as well be sending many potential clients directly to your competitors.

What makes up an online identity?

Multiple aspects combine to create an online identity. Social media, pay-per-click adverts and HTML email campaigns all play an important role, but the most crucial platform by far is the website itself. This acts as your company’s marketing and lead generation hub, where visitors can not only explore products and services but also get a feel for your brand.

From introducing the people behind the business, to sharing your ethos, mission and values, your company’s website should provide honest insight into what makes you tick and how you solve specific problems.

Why is it important?

When your website reflects the unique character of your business, it will always gain more traction than others in the same sector that lack personality. Whilst the logo and overall brand style give the initial impression, the speed, accessibility, content and functionality of the site are equally influential in creating a connection between the visitor and the business.

In the same way that a clunky website will cause potential customers to turn cold, one that anticipates their needs and instantly answers questions will encourage valuable engagement.

Eyeweb can help

Based in East Yorkshire, Eyeweb is a web design and digital marketing agency working with businesses across the UK to attract targeted visitors and convert them into paying customers. EyeSite is their website content management system that offers total customisation, enabling them to meet your precise requirements, support short-term goals and work towards long-term objectives.

A few words from Paul

Eyeweb’s Managing Director, Paul Scott, summed this up nicely: “No matter what kind of business you run, it needs a digital presence. However, presence isn’t everything, as your online image needs to be of the highest quality, designed around your brand, and capable of giving visitors everything they need to make a decision right there and then. A strong digital identity means smoother sales and no more business being lost due to poor customer experience.”

Get 3 months of free marketing

Looping back to the opening statistic, half of consumers engage with a company’s digital activity before even speaking to a human being. This means that actively updating a website with content such as blog posts, downloadable resources, videos and case studies is at the heart of maintaining a strong online image.

Eyeweb is offering three months of free marketing services when you order a new website before 31st July 2021. To find out more, get in touch with the team today.