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Avaya appoints Vapour Cloud as a subscription partner

Global Unified Communications giant Avaya has appointed Vapour Cloud as one of its key strategic UK subscription IPO (IP Office) partners.

The announcement comes just over 12 months after Vapour was announced as one of Avaya’s fastest-growing mid-market cloud voice partners in the UK, and four months after the launch of Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) – Avaya’s primary public cloud-based UCaaS offering – in partnership with RingCentral.

Avaya’s subscription model is designed to provide partners and customers with all their enterprise-ready software, support and updates under a single, simple and flexible contract. And a partner with its own private network infrastructure was sought to ensure the secure, robust delivery for contact centre operations and larger SMEs.

“As Avaya’s move to SaaS and cloud continues, it’s important that we have the right profile of partners to ensure best in breed communication and collaboration technology that will modernise existing investments and infrastructure,” said Avaya’s regional channel director Alison Hastings.

“Having identified last year that Vapour is a new breed of channel specialist – evidenced for example, by their £1m+ project for JCT600 – we invited CEO Tim Mercer to speak at one of our events. This was the start of this new collaboration, plus a fresh level of excitement among our long-standing partners, as to what is now possible.”

Under the agreement, Vapour can empower existing Avaya partners with the ‘engine’ to deliver the subscription service to their own customer base.

Vapour has invested more than £2m in building its two private MPLS networks spanning five UK data centres. Vapour can also provide an end-to-end service wrap complete with SIP, if required.

“Since we were established exactly seven years ago, we’ve been committed to collaborating – rather than competing – with the channel,” explained Vapour Cloud’s CEO Tim Mercer. “And now, Avaya partners can come to us knowing we will support them in the successful delivery of the UC and ACCS cloud services, but the customer relationships and contract remain with them – entirely safeguarded.

“This isn’t our only differential – we’re also hugely committed to hitting defined SLAs that put the customer at the heart of everything. Our people-orientated approach – alongside our advanced technical skill-set – enables us to achieve this.”

Despite COVID-19, Vapour Cloud has net recurring revenues of 96% and maintains 30% growth targets, by the end of 2020. The company was recently revealed as position 34, in G.P. Bullhound’s Northern Tech 100 list.

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