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Award-winning employment law and HR specialist unveils market-leading software to transform employee relations capability

Peter Byrne

ESPHR has launched a cloud-based case management solution to help HR and employee relations (ER) professionals manage increased workloads and complex employment law issues.

MyHRCases has been developed to offer a smart, comprehensive and integrated application for organisations to ensure all of its critical ER cases are managed in one, easy to use system.

Crucially, the software also enables customers to escalate in-house matters to their own personal legal advisory team, and ensure the instant transfer of information is quick and easy – all at the single click of a button.

Additional key features from MyHRCases includes a dynamic dashboard with proactive alerts so users can see all open and closed cases in one place, advanced workflow management to carry out the right action at the right time, and a flexible, self-service report builder to identify trends and instigate positive, strategic ER change within a business.

Keen to upskill workforces in best practice ER and HR working practices too, ESPHR also provides a comprehensive range of employment law and HR resources on their own online ER/HR portal – such as hundreds of document precedents, guidance notes, case law, practical toolkits, learning and development resources and legislation updates – to offer further support to HR and ER teams.

System management tools such as document folder storage, advanced organisational structure mapping – to avoid integrating to wider in-house systems – as well as an intuitive, time-saving search option, and flexible user permissions to ensure sensitive cases have maximum discretion, all add further functionality depth to the new technology.

Peter Byrne, founder of ESPHR, said: “The mature Human Resources Information System (HRIS) marketplace has very little strategic functionality for focussed ER activity. However, we know it means so much more to businesses – and can be a key, determining factor in their successes or failures.

“We already have an award-winning, personal legal advisory and online ER resource service that customers really value, but we were increasingly being asked to help and create something that would really transform in-house ER capability further.
“So, we began developing what is now a market-leading ER case management software application to meet critical customer demand in an otherwise limited landscape.

“We have now given in-house ER and HR leaders the ability to manage, analyse, report and interrogate critical information, and access another way to take the stress out of complex employee matters – by making things more streamlined for their businesses.”

Additionally, commenting on the need for a fundamental change in relationship between organisations and their legal representation, Peter added: “The traditional legal advisory relationship actually drives a real wedge between HR teams and their legal partners. HR has often conditioned itself to actively not seek advice from law firm partners, to avoid expensive hourly rate pricing models.

“We truly believe our integrated approach to offer unlimited personal legal advice via a dedicated team of lawyers, commercially-focussed online ER and HR resources and MyHRCases provides customers with the advanced tools necessary to really transform their in-house ER capability, and firmly establish ER as a key strategic priority in their organisations.”

As one of the UK’s first Alternative Business Structures employment law firms, ESPHR continues to challenge the status quo. Its forward-thinking approach continues to help organisations such as Ladbrokes Coral Group, Randstad and PVH Holdings transform their own ER capability with teams based in Woking and Yorkshire.

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