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Bayfields launches Pontefract audiology service amid ear health advice


Pontefract residents are to benefit from the launch of a new expert ear health facility, offering free hearing tests and health checks.

Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists will offer free adult hearing tests and health checks in its branch at Ropergate from Thursday 21st November as well as micro suction wax removal – something not yet offered by other audiologists in the local area. On top of this, clients will also be able to access a professional range of hearing aids.

To mark the launch, Bayfields is highlighting the typical signs of deteriorating ear health, which adults should be looking out for.

Paul Jackson, head of audiology at Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists, will run the service in the Pontefract store. He said: “There are three tell-tale signs that your hearing is getting worse, and you might suffer from any one of them. They are when you struggle to hear the TV, but your family tell you it’s too loud; having to frequently ask your family and friends to repeat themselves, and people telling you your own voice suddenly sounds unusual or not like it normally does.

“If you find these issues start occurring more regularly, or you’ve recently started to experience them, it’s recommended you get a hearing test.”

The launch of the audiology service at Bayfields’ practice in Pontefract is part of the company’s plan to add hearing healthcare to all its premises across the UK by the beginning of 2020.

Royston Bayfield, founder and managing director of Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists, said: “The plan to add audiology services to all our existing practices is part of our mission to encourage the public to take their ear health more seriously.

“Many people don’t really consider the importance of getting their ears checked, but they affect much more than our hearing – they impact our balance, our propensity to dizziness and our overall wellbeing. General guidelines state that if you’re over 50, you should have regular hearing health checks at least once a year. If you’re younger, it should be once every two years, unless you have any reasons for concern.

“Launching audiology services to our Pontefract store means families can use our free hearing tests to diagnose minor ear issues before they become serious problems, with experts on hand to advise on hearing health just as we have for eye health for the past seven years.”

People wishing to access the Pontefract service can book an appointment online, by telephone on 01977 702 565, or by dropping into the store. Appointments are available from Thursday 21st November 2019.

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