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Beer52.com bags SEVEN BRO7HERS first Sabro IPA for subscribers

Seven Bro7hers Sabro IPA

SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO has teamed up with drinks subscription service Beer52 to release its first Sabro IPA.

The limited-edition beer will be available exclusively as part of a ‘Beer Cities’ box which is available in April. The box will include beers from Dublin, Prague, London, Madrid, Salzburg and Aberdeen, with SEVEN BRO7HERS representing Manchester.

The Sabro IPA is a tropical tidal wave of coconut and citrus flavours, laid out on a smooth bed of pilsner malts and naked outs.

Kicking off the Spring, this vegan 5.0 % ABV beer will be issued in 330ml cans and is only available through Beer52.

CEO for SEVEN BRO7HERS, Keith McAvoy, said: “We were challenged by Beer52 to create an exclusive Sabro beer for its direct-to-consumer channel. This beer is perfect first step into Spring that we all need as we edge our way out of lockdown.”

Beer52 is a ‘beer club’ designed to bring beers from all over the work to your front door, beer buffs can rate beers in the subscription to earn points and rewards.

Keith added: “We have been providing beers to the Beer 52 subscription over the last 12 months, it is a great way to get our beers out to new audiences and helps us to broaden our fan base.

“We know from our own webshop experience the growth in subscriptions and mail order beer throughout the pandemic has been huge, it is exciting to be part of the journey.”

Callum Stewart, craft beer buyer for Beer52, said: “This is our first exclusive beer with SEVEN BRO7HERS – the Sabro IPA is fruity, juicy and everything we look for in a beer – Beer52 customers are in for a real treat this month.

“Sabro is a hot topic on the UK beer scene, we really wanted to bring this to life in an IPA and the brothers jumped at the challenge with a great recipe and unique design.”

SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO was founded in 2014 by McAvoy brothers, Guy, Keith, Luke, Daniel, Nathan, Kit, and Greg, inspired by their dad’s home-brewing in their cellar at home.

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