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BKJ Leisure Selects Loyalty Package to Engage with Customers

The White Hart Moorwood Moor Ltd

Loyalty Pro, providers of the UK’s most advanced loyalty scheme for independent retailers and hoteliers, has teamed up with BKJ Leisure to provide them with a bespoke loyalty system for three of their independent venues – The White Hart Moorwood Moor, The Horse and Jockey at Wessington and The Hurt Arms Ambergate. The partnership will enable the boutique pub chain to reward and incentivise customers as well as raise awareness of their other venues as part of a growing group.

BKJ Leisure will be using Loyalty Pro point of sale tablets across the three venues and has also had a bespoke own-branded loyalty app developed for customers to use across each of its venues. The sophisticated rewards system will provide invaluable cross-promotional opportunities for each of the venues.

Luke Richards, Executive General Manager at BKJ Leisure, comments: “Our current objective is to raise awareness of our group of venues amongst our customer base. This bespoke loyalty scheme will enable us to bring our venues together under one system and increase repeat business by incentivising targeted campaigns. Loyalty Pro’s sophisticated systems also offer us a powerful marketing platform to cross-promote across each of our venues, as well as access to fully GDPR client customer data that will help us with any future marketing activity.”

Rob Meakin, Founder and Technical Director of Loyalty Pro, comments: “We are delighted to have teamed up with BKJ Leisure to support their collection of boutique gastro pubs across the UK. This exciting new partnership is an example of how our simple, yet effective loyalty system can offer a boutique chain the chance to add value and cross promotional opportunities to existing and new customers. We are thrilled to be working in partnership with them and look forward to seeing the excellent results they can achieve with a sophisticated loyalty system.”

Loyalty Pro provides tailored loyalty systems that engage with customers and support independent businesses. Their systems have been specially optimised for the hospitality, retail and B2B sectors. The company has helped generate more than £100m in revenue for participating organisations operating across the UK. Headquartered in Chester, more than 275,000 customers use Loyalty Pro cards and clients range from across 15 industry sectors.

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