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Blakedown Sport & Play invests in upskilling over half of its workforce as it heads towards growth

Blakedown Sport & Play, one of the UK’s largest and longest established sports facility construction contractors, has invested in upskilling more than half of its workforce as 60 employees undertook vital construction training with Chesterfield-based Construction Skills People (CSP).

In an initiative funded by the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP), 60 out of Blakedown’s 104 employees completed a Level 2 Plant Operations NVQ in order to improve their staff levels, knowledge and to help act as a stepping-stone for more employees to advance from their Red Trained Operator Card to a Blue Competent Operator Card.

As an industry-leading provider of training, CSP supported Blakedown’s employees, offering in-depth industry knowledge to guide them through the NVQ and ensure CPCS compliance.

As a result of investing in training, the 60 newly trained employees can now work on main contractor sites, giving the company a more flexible workforce.

Janine Richards, Group HSEQ Manager at Blakedown, said: “We’re thrilled that more than a half of our workforce have completed their Level 2 Plant Operations NVQ.

“It’s brilliant for each employee’s professional development, but also for the business as a whole as we now have more staff who have the correct qualifications to work on main contractor sites. Before we had less staff who could undertake this level of work, so now we are much more flexible.

“It was a very smooth process, and our staff have more confidence and knowledge now. We’ll be looking to book more training in the new year.”

Stuart Anderson Client Services Director at Construction Skills People, said: “We were proud to deliver this programme and to give Blakedown employees the opportunity to gain this valuable training and secure their Blue Competent Operator Card.

“Having a strong team of highly skilled and confident workers will no doubt bolster Blakedown’s growth objectives moving forward, as well as furthering the capabilities of their workforce.”