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Bobble Digital Wins Best Digital Marketing Agency Award for Second Time

Manpreet Singh - CEO of Bobble Digital

Specialist digital marketing agency, Bobble Digital which was established in 2017, has won an award for the ‘best digital marketing agency in Leeds’ for two consecutive years. The SME News award win comes at a time when Bobble Digital is experiencing rapid growth – gaining clients locally, nationally and internationally thanks to the team’s contagious dedication to driving digital word of mouth for businesses.

Manpreet Singh, founder and CEO of the digital agency, whose digital marketing career spans over a decade, has become well known for his enthusiasm for educating fellow business owners on the power of digital and delivering exceptional client services.

Sharing his delight at the news of their latest award, CEO Manpreet Singh commented: “Receiving these awards both in 2021 and again this year has given us all a spring in our step. Everyone in the team really cares about the work we do and has always remained committed to delivering results beyond client expectations, so it’s amazing for us to receive this recognition from the SME News awards”.

The awards follow a period of tremendous growth for the Bobble Digital team who saw company turnover skyrocket from 2020 to 2021, increasing by a significant 300%.

Speaking about the growth over the last few years, Manpreet added: “During the past year, we won some great new client contracts including Panintelligence and Sonno. We can effectively work with businesses anywhere, and now work with clients across the UK and overseas on their marketing strategies, PPC, SEO, social media, video advertising and analytics. This has led to our agency achieving extraordinary growth over the last three years.

“Whilst we still and always will love to work with local businesses, it’s definitely been an incredible journey to begin working with interesting businesses from across the globe, such as Lifecycle Transitions, Panintelligence, Partner Plus Media, School of New York Times and Sotheby’s Institute of Art.”

To maintain the fast growth, Manpreet and his team plan to reinvest profits directly back into the business – to help the ethics and values-led agency grow their team and expertise even further – with the plan to continue their international expansion over the next few years.

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