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Britannic Technologies Convergence Summit Brings the Art of Connecting to Manchester

Jonathan Sharp, Director, Britannic Technologies
Jonathan Sharp, Director, Britannic Technologies

Britannic Technologies held its esteemed annual Convergence Summit at Ascot Racecourse on Thursday 9th November. The event was so successful that Britannic will be replicating it at AJ Bell Stadium in Manchester on 23rd November. The end user event is targeted at key decision-makers from mid-sized and enterprise organisations, and focused on how communications technology can be used innovatively to improve the way people communicate and do business.

Sarah Woods, Director of External Affairs, Royal Albert Hall said, “It was a fantastic day, the presentations were engaging and informative without being too technical. As a Communications Director, it was helpful to learn more about unified communications and how technology really can transform business processes and improve customer experience.”

The keynote will be presented by communications strategist and author, Anthony Tasgal, on “Storytelling: The Missing Link in Your Technology Strategy”, and guidance on digital transformation will be delivered by world-leading partners including Avaya, Mitel, Microsoft and Britannic Technologies.

Jonathan Sharp, Director, Britannic Technologies, “Businesses today are under great pressure to digitally transform their organisations and to deliver a superior customer service. Gartner predicts that by 2018 more than 50% of organisations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations. However, businesses are faced with an overly saturated technology market that can make it difficult for businesses to understand what technology they require, and why.

A mistake that businesses often make when buying technology is forgetting to go back to basics, and to work out what their objectives and strategy are. This is where Solution Providers come in to guide them on what they need and how to manage a digital transformation strategy.”

The afternoon session will consist of TechTalks and a TechZone where delegates can find out more about unified communications technology, see demonstrations and network to exchange ideas.

Registration is free for qualifying delegates. Find out more about Convergence Summit 2017.

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