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Brothers send a big thank-you to training specialist

Two brothers from Preston have started work and university after support from a local training provider.

Mati-Ur and Atiq-Ur Rehman have both successfully completed training courses with PHX Training, helping them to find work and prepare to apply for university.

The brothers, who only recently moved to the UK, approached PHX Training for support to complete their English and maths qualifications needed to find work and start further education. With the training providers’ support, Mati-Ur completed Levels 1 and 2 Functionals Skills in English, along with a vocational course in customer service. His brother Atiq-Ur also completed his Level 2 Functional Skills in English.

As a result of the support, Mati-Ur has secured work as an assistant manager with Punjab Papers, a paper manufacturer in Darwen, while his brother Atiq-Ur is now a step closer to applying to university to study medical science.

Asma Mulla, Vocational Tutor at PHX Training, said: “Both brothers have really committed to improve their lives and gaining their qualifications. Despite English not being their first language, they have committed to working hard to achieve their end goals of finding a good job and starting university.”

Mati-Ur added: “I have to simply say thank you to PHX Training for helping me improve my English and customer service skills as this has helped me move forward in my career.”

PHX Training delivers government-backed initiatives including adult skills – Maths, English and vocational courses, NEET (not in education, employment or training), employability contracts and apprenticeships.

The company specialises in apprenticeship qualifications in business administration skills, offering learners skills for roles such as office executive, office supervisor, membership administrator and personal administrator. Apprenticeships delivered by PHX also include team leading, customer service, hospitality, management and warehousing across the North West.

The PHX team of qualified trainers also offers a diverse range of resources including offline, online and face-to-face services at six training centres in Barrow, Carlisle, Workington, Morecambe, Preston and Blackpool.

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