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Businesses Set to Save Thousands as North East Tech Start Up Tackles High Costs of Crime Prevention


In an industry first, leading North East-based cloud storage provider Ocucon could be set to save businesses tens of thousands of pounds in their efforts to combat business crime.

The world’s first fully managed Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) system – Ocucon – has announced that it will provide free upgrades of all CCTV hardware for customers of its standard cloud-based storage package, as it launches a first-of-its-kind zero capital expenditure model in the surveillance industry.

The potential savings in infrastructure costs are anticipated to be substantial as latest figures show that businesses in the retail sector alone spent a staggering £1 billion last year on crime prevention measures.

Research from the British Retail Consortium’s, Retail Crime Survey 2019, shows that despite the increased expenditure on crime prevention, retailers continue to come under increased pressure – as the figures also reveal the direct cost of retail crime in the UK last year rose to £900 million, including £700 million from customer theft, a 31% increase on last year.

Whilst CCTV is commonplace, the potential to utilise the very latest in cloud-based surveillance analytics and software can be problematic for some businesses and organisations due to compatibility issues with existing CCTV infrastructure or the high costs associated with replacing hardware.

Ocucon Co-Founder, Gary Trotter commented: “From the outset, Ocucon’s aim has been to break new grounds in surveillance technology and revolutionise the way in which businesses and organisations record, store and access their CCTV footage. We know that many organisations are struggling with legacy CCTV systems that are costly to replace and prevent them from utilising industry-leading software and analytics or have had to compromise on the number and specification of the cameras they have installed on their premises.

“By working closely with our partners and reimagining the typical surveillance business model, we’re now able to offer customers the benefits of new CCTV hardware alongside our industry-leading cloud storage, with zero capital expenditure from the customer. It’s not just that there are no upfront costs to the hardware upgrade, we have removed the cost to the customer entirely.”

Breaking new ground in surveillance technology, North East-based Ocucon delivers a powerful, cloud-based storage and retrieval platform. Combining intelligent data analytics with the facility to store, analyse and retrieve unlimited amounts of HD video surveillance footage, Ocucon removes the physical limitations on the amount of footage businesses can store. The company, which is already in talks with 6 out of 10 of the largest retailers in the world, anticipates the new business model will significantly increase demand. Since its launch, Ocucon has seen significant interest in both the UK and US and has been recognised by leading UK business awards for its digital technology innovation.

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