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CAS Hire Providing Hire Solutions to Maintain a Safe Workplace Environment Post Pandemic

Much has changed during the past few years with lockdowns however CAS-Hire has managed to show continued growth in their specialised field within the UK hire industry. CAS-Hire specialise in hire equipment designed to deal with air, for example, heating, cooling, drying, cleaning, circulating, or humidification of air.

The company was originally established in 1982 originally as an air conditioning contractor however over the years evolved away from contracting and has established itself firmly in the UK hire industry specialising in their specific area of expertise.

CAS-Hire operates from a network of locations throughout the UK with offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Stirling providing hire solutions nationwide. The business built its model by investing heavily in premium bands of hire equipment stock providing reliability, efficiency, and excellent value for money, with products widely now considered necessity equipment hire.

CAS-Hire equipment can be commonly found providing temporary air conditioners for offices, computer rooms or factories, air cleaners combatting dust, viruses & bacteria in schools, healthcare, property reinstatement or offices, heaters for film and media set location or retail outlets, dehumidifiers for property restoration after flooding, humidifiers for manufacturing processes or preserving specialist collections or museums to name a few.

Feedback from their wide customer base has been glowing when compared to other mainstream hire companies due to the quality and condition of their equipment supplied. CAS-Hire prides itself in providing the equipment they would happily like to receive themselves and will not dispatch equipment to customers which have been bashed and bruised or covered in dust and only offer clean well-maintained products, designed to efficiently tackle the tasks customers require.

An example of this can be found when hiring air cleaning equipment as unlike their competitors CAS-Hire has a policy where new filters are purchased separately with every unit hired. This provides customer confidence by preventing potential cross-contamination from previous hire sites and the customer hires a product that will operate as if it was straight from the manufacturer designed to produce optimal efficiency.

The technically skilled staff will happily discuss and guide customers to the most suitable hire equipment options rather than leaving the customers potentially taking unnecessary risks should they not be particularly familiar with how to find the appropriate size or functionality of specific equipment to combat their requirements.

CAS-Hire additionally offers a direct sales section of select leading equipment brands such as Blueair, Airdog, Dust Control, MaxVac, Master, Vivax, Thermobile, Woods, and more. Orders can be placed directly online or if preferred contact them by email or telephone and staff will be on hand to help.

As the UK workforce recover from the pandemic and continue to manage new normal with new office and workplace layouts, rules and staffing changes, CAS-Hire is every ready to provide quick efficient temporary hire solutions designed to maintain safe and happy workforce welfare to ensure they can produce the very best output.

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