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Castle Lays Claim to Having UK’s Best-Value Castle Wedding

Bride and groom on the Langley Castle battlements

North East Hotel of the Year, Langley Castle Hotel, is preparing to welcome canny brides and grooms who wish to make guests think they spent many more thousands of pounds on their wedding than they actually did, as it lays claim to offering the best-value castle wedding in Britain.

As Langley prepares for a Wedding Fair on May 18 and 19, it is publishing the results of an independent consumer survey*, which found that 92% of people thought an exclusive-use wedding at Langley would cost significantly more than it actually does.

Only 8% thought a wedding involving the exclusive use of Langley Castle, held on any day except Saturday, which includes 24 guest rooms, a three-course wedding breakfast, a buffet for 50 and a few glasses of wine, would cost between £10,000 and £15,000.

14% of those surveyed thought such a wedding at Langley would cost more than £40,000, whilst another 19% felt the bill would be over £30,000 – more than double the actual price.

A whopping 44% said they believed they would need to have won the lottery to afford to marry at such a prestigious and glamorous venue, with this rising to nearly half of the women surveyed (49%).

The findings suggest that any couples wanting to make the most of their wedding budget, by securing a marriage address to impress, really should be considering Langley Castle and making a bee-line for its Wedding Fair, taking place from 11am to 4pm on May 18 and 19.

Those attending will get even better value from their day, if they book a Langley wedding at the fair and pay a deposit within 7 days. A 10 percent discount will apply to such new bookings.

And, the really financially astute may also want to recoup some of the cost of their exclusive use wedding, by asking guests to pay for their own rooms. This could knock a further £2000, or more, off the cost of the wedding.

Langley Castle’s Executive General Manager, Margaret Livingstone-Evans says: “We believe that Langley offers the best-value castle wedding in the country and is definitely a venue with that all-important wow-factor that creates the impression of a top-dollar wedding. Guests are always spellbound by Langley and, as our survey shows, 92% of them will probably believe much more has been spent on the wedding than was actually the case. That is an outcome that every happy couple should love and, of course, if they want to put extra money towards decorations, or other little touches, they can spend their money there, rather than on venue hire.

“Any couple wishing to check out whether we really have the wow factor can come to our wedding fair and talk to our new wedding planner, Chloe, and myself. We are 100 per cent certain that they will be mesmerised by our stunning castle and delighted to discover just how far their wedding budget will go.”