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Certas Energy joins the Northern Powerhouse to fuel regional growth

Certas Energy has become an official partner of the Northern Powerhouse – a government
initiative which brings together businesses from across the North of England and Wales to
realise the strong economic potential of the region.

As the UK’s leading independent supplier of fuels and lubricants to commercial and domestic customers, Certas Energy has joined the partnership to support improvements in fuel efficiency, transportation and air quality in the North. Headquartered in Warrington,
Cheshire, the company fuels over 12,000 local businesses each year – employing over 500
people, operating in over 20 depots, 259 fuel stations and retail outlets and five bunker sites in the North alone.

Brian Worrall, Director of Corporate Affairs at Certas Energy and signatory to the partnership commented, “We are extremely proud to be an official partner of the Northern Powerhouse, demonstrating our commitment to providing innovative alternatives to traditional fuel supply and management solutions that support improvements in efficiency and productivity. Our fuel and lubricant solutions keep construction, haulage, industrial, public sector, agricultural and marine businesses moving, helping them deliver projects and services that are drive growth across the region.”

“Already recognised as a top five business in the 2017 North West Top 200 list, we have
continued to invest in the region both in terms of infrastructure and our workforce and we
look forward to working with industry, government and local communities to lead the way in smarter, cleaner energy choices to support sustainable growth across the North of England and Wales.”

Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry MP welcomed Certas Energy saying: “It’s great
to have Certas Energy on board as a partner to the Northern Powerhouse. Certas has
shown its dedication to supporting businesses in the region with a reliable fuel supply to
power economic growth. As a large employer in the North, Certas is a great example of
investing in its current workforce as well as the future with apprenticeships and training to
secure a successful future for the Northern Powerhouse.”

As part of its drive to encourage the adoption of smarter fuel solutions, Certas Energy has
been pioneering the use of a cleaner burning alternative to diesel, as exclusive UK
distributor of Shell GTL Fuel. Working in partnership with Peel Ports Group – a fellow
member of the Northern Powerhouse Partner Programme – Certas Energy opened a Shell
GTL Fuel refuelling station at the Port of Liverpool last year to provide HGV drivers with a
lower emission fuel to help fleet operators to local air quality.

The Northern Powerhouse forms part of the government’s industrial strategy to build upon
the North’s strong economy, bringing together cities, towns and rural communities of the
North of England and Wales to become a powerhouse for the UK economy. Certas Energy
joins over 170 businesses and organisations who have already signed up to the Partner

Programme based on their belief in the economic potential of the North, and support the
need for a combined effort by government and business to realise that potential.

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