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Cheshire skin care company enters Australian market


A North West natural skin care company has secured its first Australian export win, after agreeing a £25,000-contract to license its products through Australian distributor Earth and Pure PTY.

Living Pure Natural, based in Nantwich, makes luxury skincare products from raw natural ingredients sourced in Crete. The Cheshire business has secured an initial order of 5,000 units across its extensive product range, with Earth & Pure set to act as a franchise under the company Living Pure Natural Australia.

The deal was supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT), which is advising Living Pure Natural on its export strategy as it looks to enter new markets overseas. The UK exports more than £1.1billion-worth of cosmetics annually, highlighting the business’s opportunity for growth via international sales.

Having attended government-backed international trade missions and receiving support on the logistics of exporting from DIT, Living Pure Natural is targeting initial overseas growth in Australia as well as Germany, where it is has already secured contracts with two separate stockists.

Domestically, the business also plans to open a store in London in addition to further growing its online sales.

Aris Tsinias, Founder and Managing Director of Living Pure Natural, said:

“Having worked to identify potential new markets to build on our domestic sales, we knew that consumers and partners in Australia and Germany would respond well to our products due to these markets having similar cosmetics trends and tastes to the UK.

“DIT has played an integral role not only in providing a pathway to those markets but also in simplifying our exporting journey by advising on the logistics of selling overseas.

“If I can offer advice to any potential exporters, it would be to seek support. Our business model is really benefiting from our expanded footprint and other companies can too.”
Paul Stowers, Head of the North West region at DIT, said: “Living Pure Natural’s sustainable products have generated long-term appeal in the UK and are now achieving significant traction with partners overseas.

“Recent studies suggest that almost three-quarters of consumers believe that cosmetics improve their quality of life*, demonstrating the importance consumers the world over have for their skin care and make up products. This is a real opportunity for British businesses to capitalise on the global respect and desire for our homegrown cosmetics.

“We are dedicated to helping North West businesses on their exporting journey and have International Trade Advisers in over 109 markets. Any businesses that are thinking about overseas expansion should get in touch with us now.”


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