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Chester lawyers take to the River Dee in rowing challenge

The ‘Reel Nauti’ team walked away as the Regatta winners

Employees from Chester-based Aaron & Partners competed in their very own boat race after completing an intense six-week ‘Learn to Row’ training programme.

The training course, which was provided by Grosvenor Rowing Club, concluded with a competitive Rowing Regatta, that saw several departments from the firm’s Chester office race against each other along the River Dee, competing for the firm’s own coveted ‘Teapot Trophy’.

The ‘Reel Nauti’ team, made up of eight lawyers and support staff from the firm’s Real Estate department, walked away as the Regatta winners after facing ‘Doggy Paddle’ the Dispute, Resolution and Insolvency / Facilities team in a tense final.

Prizes were handed out on the day for the quickest boat, best team name, best fancy dress and most supported team – meaning that everyone walked away a winner.

Aaron & Partners Business Development Manager, Helen Johnson said: “Ensuring our teams remain engaged and happy in the workplace is a huge priority for us. As well as being great fun, this challenge has provided a significant wellbeing boost for a lot of us, both physically and mentally.

“Rowing is a sport that involves a great deal of teamwork, and through this programme we’ve been able to bring staff together outside of work in a really unique way.

“Most of the participants in this challenge had never rowed before, so it was fantastic to see people’s skills improve over the course of the six weeks. The Grosvenor Rowing Club provided us with the best training to ensure we were all prepared for the final race.

“The Rowing Regatta was the perfect way to finish the challenge and it was great to see everyone so determined to win. On the day, each team raced each other with the two best teams competing in a final race to determine the overall winners.”

The rowing challenge is part of a wider initiative introduced by the firm’s social committee, to provide employees with a range of fun and engaging activities throughout the year.

Christine Fawcett, Grosvenor Rowing Club Coach, said: “It was fantastic to have Aaron & Partners taking part in our renowned ‘Learn to Row’ course. We saw a huge difference in the six weeks, and it was wonderful to watch people develop and grow into the sport.

“All the coaches and coxes who trained with the firm had a fantastic time and were incredibly impressed with the dedication and determination of all the teams taking part.

“Grosvenor Rowing Club is a non-profit organisation, so all the money contributed by the firm and its employees through the training programme has gone towards our 150th Development Fund, to help support the refurbishment of our clubhouse.

“Rowing is the ultimate in team-building exercises. When you’re in the boat, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. We would encourage any organisation to get involved in our corporate rowing course as Aaron & Partners did.”

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