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Commercial Finance Helps to Secure Funding Grant

Steve Bishop from Flame Concepts

Commercial finance brokers ABL Business Ltd, have been helping IT and Software company Flame Concepts Ltd, get commercial finance to secure a funding grant.

The software company, that has been going for six years, needed a £30,000 loan to help them contribute funds that would enable them to secure a £50,000 funding grant which will aid in the development of the company.

ABL’s joint Managing Director Alex Beardsley, Commercial Finance Executive Luke Rodgers, and their team, worked with Steve to secure a cash injection.

After getting all the necessary information from Steve, and gaining an understanding of his business, ABL Business managed to secure a deal with Esme Loans for a loan of £30,000. This is the first deal that the software company, who are based in Cumbria, have done with ABL Business.

Steve Bishop said “ABL Business were a great help, they took the time to speak to us and help get the money we needed so that we could secure the grant. This grant will help us to grow our business and help us to improve our marketing. It’s been a pleasure to work with ABL Business, I know where to go now if I require any more help with commercial finance.”

Flame Concepts Ltd deliver high quality, innovative and fully flexible digital based ticketing and registration services. They provide online tools and support so that businesses can take control of their event and ultimately, plan for the future.

Flame Concepts was introduced to ABL Business in 2018 through the Business Catalyst Club where Steve was looking for Equity Investment. In the interim, the grant opportunity presented itself and a loan sourced by ABL Business was required.

Alex Beardsley says “Being able to support a business in getting commercial finance to aid in their growth is what ABL Business is all about. Flame Concepts were a great business to work with and we look forward to seeing how the grant they were able to secure will help.”

If you have any funding requirements and need help securing commercial finance, the team at ABL Business are available to help you structure a funding package that suits the need of your business.

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