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Creating Noise in Newcastle: Our First 6 Months As A Marketing Agency

Marketing Director Adam Baldwin at Motel One workshop.

New year, new noise. A new marketing kid is in town; with a vision to amplify brand voices across the country.

Northumbria University graduates, Adam Baldwin and Phillipa Cross launched Noise Creative last June and are showing signs no of slowing down. With big plans in 2019, the two directors of the zealously loud marketing agency recap on their first six months in business and their plans for the next year.

The Noise Mission

When we first developed the idea of creating a marketing agency, there was an element of optimism and enthusiasm for what the future meant for us and what this business would bring to our lives. We wanted to bring our ideas to life over years of studying in different creative fields; merging our Creative Director Phillipa’s background in fashion communication, and our Marketing Director Adam’s background in marketing.

Our mission is to create a fully functioning ecosystem through fellow creative partners that can help us empowers brands through strategic marketing solutions; using our Gen Z and millennial mindset to ensure a client’s brand regularly evolves and remains on trend. Our first six months as a marketing agency in Newcastle has definitely demonstrated promise for us, despite challenges along the way! We have accomplished tremendous goals including internal developments, client progress and working on exciting evolving projects.

So, Where did it Begin?

Launching on June 14th 2018, we were instantly entrusted with the biggest CRM company in France, Sellsy. They are globally recognised service provider of CRM software, offering a sales and marketing platform to manage leads, gain customers, create opportunities and generate quotes and invoices. The company raised €7m in funds to expand in the UK, choosing us as their sole content creating partner.

In August, Adam and Phillipa took the big leap out of their jobs and took on Noise full time. It was a liberating, yet a daunting moment. However, soon after, we partnered up with Intergalactic Gaming (IG), an innovative gaming company, using blockchain technology to disrupt the gaming universe. We worked on a very exciting project with IG Gaming, which spanned over eight weeks. It entailed a brand audit, analysing the current branding & marketing efforts of IG, looking at ways that we could contribute to expanding the company’s fast-paced growth through visual and verbal communications. Second, we designed a rebrand, outlining changes in the brand audit, redesigned to accommodate the rebellious and maverick persona in association with founders, the employees, and the gaming community. Finally, we developed a campaign strategy for their ‘Alpha’ platform launch, that was designed to engage, attract and convert both B2B and B2C consumers looking to get into the E-sports industry.

As well of working on IG’s brand development, we spent the end of summer expanding our team. By recruiting two contributors, Jeff Baker and Hannah Lymn. They have been a part of our team since August and are a huge driving factor behind our current growth! Jeff takes care of our inbound marketing strategy through SEO strategised blogs, including marketing trends, digital insights, and how the creative landscape is changing. Hannah maintains and expands our social media presence, engaging with our audience and creating new opportunities through social media marketing.

Fast Forward to November…

In November, we brought on Anthony Edmundson, a voice-over artist, looking to grow his understanding of digital marketing through SEO services and social media workshops to leverage his overall online presence. It was an exciting opportunity for us to utilise our knowledge of SEO and social media within a relaxed one-to-one environment, fully immersing ourselves in his brand to grow with it.

Around mid-November, we took on two new contributors Emily Manoharan and Emily Wilkinson who are currently studying Fashion Communication at Northumbria university. Having a keen eye on all things creative, they recently took over our Instagram to expand our current audience and update our followers on the culture behind our agency. Our team has now reached six, which we didn’t think would happen over the space of six months and paves the way for our next year in business.

Following the recruitment of our new contributors, we recently partnered up with Motel One, an affordable international hotel, that provides the luxuries of a five-star brand. We are providing social media workshops on the importance of strategy and its implementation, specifically the basics of social media management, developing social media content, and elaborating on the power of visual content.

Within six months of operating, we have managed to gain four clients, with the hopes of get two more by the end of the next quarter. Our initial target was to get five clients over our first 12 months, so to nearly hit our target six months earlier is a huge achievement for us.

What Does 2019 Hold?

We have an optimistic year ahead of us. If we hit our target of five clients before the end of the year, we will be looking to extend our objective to 10 within the first 12 months of trading.

We are also currently developing partnerships with other creative agencies like Northumberland bound graphic design agency Stop Creative and thriving media company Cintel Global who are located in the Proto building in Gateshead.

We are hopeful to be working on many more exciting projects throughout the course of this year, so increasing and maintaining our clientele is a prospect that we will be working on extensively within the next year. We may also be on the lookout to expand our team and our partnership with other agencies to ensure we can provide our clients with an array of services. Our contributors have been doing a fantastic job so far and have helped us out with improving our social media presence and curating blog content that has made a positive contribution to our SEO. Overall, our team at Noise Creative have great plans to be turning it up to 11 for the 2019.

If you would like help amplifying your brand voice, give us a shout, we love meeting new people for coffee.

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