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Creative Spark launch teeth whitening collection O₃X by BlanX with Instagram Star Laila Loves

Laila Loves in Creative Sparks campaign for BlanX

Today brand design agency Creative Spark revealed their video campaign that launches a new teeth whitening product line called O₃X for dental brand BlanX. The film stars Instagram influencer Laila Loves who demonstrates the whitening benefits of O₃X.

BlanX have partnered with Creative Spark and asked them to create an over arching brand campaign with stand out individual creative assets that can be translated across various channels. Laila Loves was an obvious choice as brand ambassador with her beautiful smile to match the O₃X product line and who is instantly recognisable by the young female target audience. The films are live across BlanX social media channels.

The new teeth whitening range by BlanX harnesses new O3X technology exclusive to BlanX, which releases Oxygen Power to remove stains, making teeth intensely white in just a few days. The technology is clinically proven and delivers professional whitening results at home in quick & easy to use formats. The O3X range is gentle on gums and enamel and do not cause sensitivity.

Creative Spark, Brand Director, Danni Bramall said: “We are very excited to be working with BlanX to launch their new O₃X product line. We felt the target audience of ladies between 16-35 would relate to Laila Loves and she did not disappoint. Laila brought the personality and energy we wanted while educating the science behind O₃X. We created ‘playful science’ animations to the overlay the film to add more depth. We look forward to seeing a huge growth in awareness of O₃X and a rise in revenue for BlanX.”

BlanX, Marketing Manager, Jen Varley said: “We have loved working with Creative Spark, the team made every effort to understand our needs from our initial conversations, and approached the project with enthusiasm at every stage. Creative Spark used our key product messages to come up with the proposition, ‘You can’t survive without oxygen’ which we will be integrating into our marketing campaign this summer.”