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Creative Spark reveal ‘A work of art for worktops’ campaign for Russell Hobbs

Work of Art for Worktops by Creative Spark for Russell Hobbs

Manchester based Creative Spark, the creative branding agency announced they have created the latest digital campaign for the Russell Hobbs glass kettle. An intense research period saw the Creative Spark team immerse themselves into the mind of the consumer. The invaluable findings from this research lead the team to create the ‘A work of art for worktops’ campaign. Such a campaign demanded a top creative photographer to enable the artwork to maximise the sophisticated look of the kettle to the discerning consumer.

Creative Spark were briefed to drive awareness and desirability for the Russell Hobbs illuminated glass kettle range and in particular, promote the unique copper clear kettle. The creative team focussed on on the aesthetics of the clear glass kettle, following research that revealed that consumers want a good-looking kettle on their worktop to complete their perfect kitchen. Aesthetics are important to all target markets and so the campaign focuses on the beauty in kitchen ingredients, utensils and the clear glass kettle. To make something so unique out of the ordinary demanded a special photographer, Neil Marra Creative Director and Founder of Creative Spark called on Paul Burch to make this happen.

The team wanted to ensure the client Russell Hobbs could see a transparent return of investment from this digital campaign and so Creative Spark partnered with Ignition Search. Ignition Search, is a performance internet marketing agency focussing on pay per click and conversation rate optimisation to extend and amplify Creative Spark’s highly impactful creative. This strong partnership led to an extremely successful start to the campaign with a positive response across the channels.

YouTube buffers, Adwords, Gmail, website, Facebook and Instagram all saw valuable click throughs that converted into raising product awareness and revenue.

Neil Marra said: “Working on this campaign with Russell Hobbs has been a fantastic journey for us and for the client. We brought a fresh new vision for the Russell Hobbs brand and they allowed us the freedom to develop a beautiful campaign that fits with their elegant products. Working with Paul Burch has been amazing, taking our creative idea to the next level with polished photography that places the Russell Hobbs glass kettle into a luxury category. The shoot involved amazing lighting techniques and an inspired set of props. With the digital campaign already performing brilliantly we can’t wait to bring on the next the next creative phase of the campaign.”

Dominic Lewis, Marketing, Appliances UK; said “We are really proud of the ‘Work of art for worktops’ campaign. The beautiful photography sets our clear glass kettle apart from our competitors and positions it as an extremely desirable kitchen appliance. We are very pleased with the initial response to the campaign and we can’t wait for the next phase. Thanks Neil, Charlie and the Spark team.”

Initial feedback to ‘Work of art for worktops’ from buyers is that they had not seen a campaign as experimental as this from Russell Hobbs or within this sector.