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Cyberwhite takes North East cyber security expertise to international convention

David Horn, director at CyberWhite

Cyberwhite, a North East based cybersecurity specialist is returning to the international Scot-Secure cyber security conference, which is in its seventh year.

The Scot-Secure Summit has established itself as Scotland’s largest annual cyber security event and since becoming virtual, is opening itself to worldwide participants. Cyberwhite join 350 participants, made up of senior information security personnel and IT experts from across the UK to provide an insight into their services, technologies and expertise.

Cyberwhite is a disruptive provider of cyber security, risk mitigation technologies and provides a bespoke solution by listening to a client’s needs and tailoring its services to suit requirements, risk profiles and company objectives.

The international conference, run by the largest independent business technology community in Scotland, DIGIT, provides discussions on key security threats, current trends and attack patterns while providing advise on improving and implementing cybersecurity measures.

David Horn, director at Cyberwhite, said, “We are thrilled to be returning to such a well-respected event that is the Scot-Secure Summit. Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as we move our data and interactions online. The conference is an excellent opportunity to exhibit our expertise and learn about upcoming cybersecurity measures from some of the other industry leaders. The virtual summit is going to provide a way for Cyberwhite to remain established leaders in cybersecurity in the UK.”

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