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Cygnet Law launches family law clinic in Redcar Community Heart centre

Janet Ford, solicitor at Cygnet Law

Cygnet Law, a family law specialist in Redcar, is launching a Thursday evening clinic to allow people to access its services after office hours at the town’s Community Heart centre.

The evening sessions, which will be free but by appointment only, will provide out-of-hours consultations to those who may find it difficult to visit during conventional office times. They will focus on family law cases, such as divorce, separation or child access.

The clinic will be run by Janet Ford, a solicitor at Cygnet Law, who is a member of the Children’s Panel.

The firm has been a key part of the Redcar and Cleveland community since it was established in 2001 and is regularly praised for its support of local charities, such as Mind and EVA Women’s Aid, and the work it does with survivors of domestic violence.

Janet Ford said: “At Cygnet Law, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to attend appointments during normal office hours. If you’re normally at work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, it can be tricky to see your solicitor outside of these times.

“When you’re engaging in a legal proceeding, particularly one that would be classed as family law, this can be an extremely stressful time, without the additional worry of being unable to get the legal support you need without missing work. We wanted to address this for the Redcar and Cleveland community.

“We welcome anyone, who is in need of an initial consultation about a family law concern, to make an appointment through the Cygnet Law office, and I or one of the team will be happy to assist at the Thursday evening clinic.”

The clinic is held every Thursday from 16:00 to 19.30 in the Community Heart centre in Redcar. Appointments can be made by contacting the Cygnet Law office.

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