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Dates, taxis and now jobs? Everything appears in an instant, so why should employment be any different?

Part-time and temporary workers now have access to the latest technology to help them manage their jobs as part of their busy lives.

Short-term recruitment specialist RedWigWam has developed an app that allows staff to book roles, report on jobs and track timesheets ‒ via their smartphones or tablets.

It means employees can secure work and get paid faster than ever before.

Lorna Davidson, CEO of RedWigWam, said: “People can already arrange dates and book taxis using apps on their mobiles, so it was about time the recruitment industry caught up with today’s technology.

“We live in a fast-paced world and people are increasingly managing their lives while they’re on the go.
“At RedWigWam we’re always looking for new ways to make the lives of our employees easier, especially if they have other commitments such as family or studies.

“This app is part of our drive to transform the flexible jobs market for the benefit of staff and businesses alike.”

Available on both Apple and Android devices, the RedWigWam app allows workers to find jobs that match their skills, book roles, complete timesheets and get paid ‒ all in one place.

Lorna said: “The app is a hit with our workers, and more and more are installing it.
“It means they don’t have to go home and wait for their computer to start up before they can fill in their timesheet. Now they can simply do it when they’re at the job, picking up their children from school, in the supermarket ‒ in fact, wherever they are.”

RedWigWam is revolutionising the way people who need short-term staff and those looking for temporary roles find each other.

People simply register on the online platform and say what they’re good at. Jobs are then matched on a first come, first served basis, based on location, availability and skills.

The worker then decides whether to accept or decline the role. If they take it, they’re paid 24 hours after their timesheet has been approved, or weekly or monthly, if they prefer.

Lorna added: “Flexible, part-time and temp work is ideal for those who struggle to find jobs that fit into their lives.
“It’s perfect for a wide range of people, including parents with young children, the recently retired and students who need to earn while they learn.

“Now businesses are also waking up to the benefits of short-term and flexible staff, especially if they have a position that needs filling urgently.

“So we’re delighted our new app is helping to bring staff and employers together.”