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DCS launches property management software

Angela O'Hearne and Eric Speak of DCS

Boston Spa-based Deans Computer Services (DCS) has enhanced its software offering with the launch of an estate management system designed for small to mid-range property portfolios.

Following six months in development, the company’s Capital Property Manager database software has been introduced to offer a more adaptable and responsive alternative to the generic solutions which dominate the market. DCS believes that its ability to incorporate bespoke modifications to specification will give the system a competitive advantage across multiple sectors in the UK and overseas, including commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial property.

The development of Capital Property Manager has been led by capital product manager, Angela O’Hearne and technical manager, Eric Speak, using their combined 50 years’ experience in supplying property management software for a wide range of clients, including governments and national supermarket brands.

Angela O’Hearne said:

“Eric and I decided to use lockdown in a positive way and, along with the other developers in the department, we devoted our time to in-depth programming and testing to create our best-ever system, designed to serve a range of clients, including freehold owners of country and landed estates, managing agents, investors, land agents, leasehold occupiers and owner-occupiers. The system’s biggest strength is how easily and quickly it can adapt to facilitate ongoing changes, an especially valuable attribute in the context of the pandemic, which has affected the way property portfolios are managed.

“Most off-the-shelf software solutions have been developed with the needs of large corporations as their primary focus, and they are too unwieldy for many small to medium-sized estates which require more versatility – for example, accommodating additional fields and functionality for Listed buildings. Rather than having to create their own fields in a complicated system, our clients can ask DCS to custom-develop Capital Property Manager and supply it as a tailor-made solution.”

Eric Speak said:

“We wanted to create a flexible modular solution that provides simple, seamless organisation, document management, tenant management, recording and real-time reporting of essential, in-depth asset information for all types of properties – office and retail space, industrial units, cottages, apartment blocks, land, farms and wayleaves. We are confident that our more tailored, one-to-one approach will be a refreshing alternative. As well as being able to accommodate bespoke features for our clients through consultation, our technical and maintenance teams can also offer online support and training with use of the fully equipped training suite at our Boston Spa head office.”