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Demolitions expert invests in latest tech to improve safety in sector Inbox

George Johnson of Hookstone Group (left) with Josh Bhandal of STORM

Hookstone Group, the fast-growing demolition specialist, has equipped its on-site workforce with market-leading instant communications technology to help improve health and safety in the sector.

The wider construction industry had 40 fatalities and 61,000 injuries last year, significantly higher than other workplaces, according to the Health and Safety Executive.

Leeds-based Hookstone has invested in rugged handsets and software supplied by STORM Intelligent Communications, a reseller of technologies developed in Israel by Mobile Tornado plc.

STORM enables Hookstone’s staff to communicate instantly and reliably with site-based operatives and helps manage their safety in dangerous working environments where mobile phones are banned.

STORM also enables Hookstone to quickly locate operatives in the event of an accident through its Man Down alarm and monitors when workers enter and leave sites.

Its state-of-the-art handsets have replaced traditional walkie talkies.

George Johnson, founding director of Hookstone Group, said: “Demolition is complex and dangerous work which requires significant pre-planning and the ability to communicate quickly and effectively.

“Safety is always paramount in our industry and STORM is helping us to protect people on site and make sure they get home safe and well at the end of every working day.

“We continue to expand as a result of repeat business with main contractors which value our ability to deliver a first-class service in complex and challenging conditions.”

STORM said its construction industry clients have reported improved safety, increased compliance and reduced communications spend since adopting its technologies.

Clients use the Central Command Centre dashboard to control an instant communications system for up to 700 operatives per group.

Luke Wilkinson, founding director of STORM, said: “With lives and livelihoods at stake, demolition companies must be able to demonstrate absolute compliance with health and safety.

“We are delighted to support Hookstone Group as a trusted supplier and an increasingly successful business in this sector.”

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