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Dr. Ed CBD and Athletes join forces to launch Dr. Ed® Sport

Co Founder - Callum Kennedy
Co Founder - Callum Kennedy

On the back of a successful first year trading, Dr. Ed®, the flagship brand of specialist CBD manufacturer, The CBD Group, have recently announced a new partnership involving professional athletes. This new venture, Dr. Ed Sport, has been co-developed by the Dr. Ed® team along with experienced sportmen including co-founder and pro footballer, Callum Kennedy.

The threat and change of lifestyle as a result of COVID-19 has seen a renewed interest in the concept of wellness and self-care and as enquiries from interested parties to Dr. Ed® continued to grow, an increasing amount came from active individuals or athletes looking for products specifically suited to them and their lifestyles. Dr. Ed®, committed to unrivalled customer care, decided to join forces with sporting enthusiasts and professional athletes in order to better support this growing niche of CBD users. From here, Dr. Ed Sport as a concept was born.

Dr. Edward Jones, co-founder of Dr. Ed® says, ‘The CBD industry is growing at a tremendous pace and as a brand Dr. Ed® has become a leading voice partly due to our high-quality and reliable products and partly due to our commitment to educating our consumer base. One place we really felt that CBD could make a difference, and emerging science supports this, is in the physical arena. We are scientists but we aren’t athletes so in order to best educate our prospective customers we needed to find partners who understand that professional athlete lifestyle and can speak to their experiences. By combining scientific understanding with decades of sporting knowledge we can offer products and services to athletes of all calibres that no other company can’

The CBD market is expected to top a value of £1 billion in the UK in the next five years but for such a rapidly growing industry, regulation is trailing behind, often leading to confusion amongst consumers, hampering potential growth of the market. While many members of the public ‘take the plunge’ into the world of CBD wholeheartedly, athletes, especially those who are drug tested, are much more cautious and unwilling to invest in brands without a proven track record or credentials and the correct certification.

Callum Kennedy, co-founder and professional footballer added, ‘Athletes may find themselves in a tricky position. CBD is no longer a banned substance in competition but the lack of regulation in the market means athletes purchasing CBD may find themselves with inferior quality products, or worse, ones with illegal levels of regulated compounds like THC. Despite the many potential benefits that CBD holds for athletes, many are, quite rightly, unwilling to take the risk. Dr. Ed Sport was designed to target this problem. All of our products are tested by 3rd party laboratories for their contents and we are currently in the process of receiving BCSG drug-tested certification so that athletes of all levels can feel confident and safe using our products’

The BSCG or Banned Substances Controlled Group is the gold standard in dietary supplement certification. Products bearing this BSCG mark have gone through rigorous safety tests and analytical processes to ensure their contents are fully UK legal and safe.

Dr. Ed Sport has serious scientific credentials behind the business in the fields of neuroscience and chemistry and can draw on the significant experience of professional athletes associated with the brand to offer a range of products and service that are unique in the UK CBD market. With a number of influential backers, Dr. Ed Sport is looking to take the science-first approach to product development and customer support that Dr. Ed® is known for to a brand new audience.

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