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Driving Tuition Startup Reveals Ambitious Plan Led By New CEO

Former AO director, Kevin Monk, is appointed as CEO of driving tuition startup, PassMeFast

MediaCityUK-based start-up, PassMeFast, has appointed a new CEO to take the business to the next level and become established as a market leader in the driving tuition industry.

PassMeFast are intensive driving course specialists, helping over 40,000 learners to get on the road since 2016. Their unique model offers a platform to connect both DVSA-approved ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) and learners, creating a new way of teaching and learning to drive.

Unlike most large competitors, PassMeFast doesn’t require ADIs to become franchisees to work with them. Instead, ADIs remain independent and in control of when, how and who they work with.

Their model has been received positively, with PassMeFast doubling their fleet of instructors on the platform to over 1600 within 12 months. Learner drivers, on the other hand, save time by being able to access fast-tracked appointments for theory and practical tests, with ‘intensive yet flexible courses to suit every kind of learner and timescale’. Students also benefit from a hassle-free experience, as they’re allocated a Customer Experience Adviser to guide them through their journey.

PassMeFast founder, Samir Ullah, stepped down as Managing Director at the end of 2020 with Kevin Monk taking over from him. Kevin sees his new role as an opportunity to scale up the intensive driving course specialists and has a proven track record of doing so.

Kevin was an integral part of electronic retailer AO’s growth over 15 years, helping to establish the company from its headquarters in Bolton as a customer-focused retailer. During this time, he helped create the customer service operations, launch and scale a Manchester sales division, develop a B2B division, and spent 3 years in Germany to oversee AO’s expansion to mainland Europe. In 2018, Kevin left AO to join Manchester Airports Group, where he was instated as Chief Growth Officer to help grow their new digital division, MAGO.

When asked why he sees PassMeFast as an exciting opportunity, Kevin said: “We’ve got a firm foundation at PassMeFast. Samir has identified an opportunity in the market, tested the concept, and proven that the business can grow organically. So now the task is to evolve from a founder-led start-up to a sustainable scale-up by investing in infrastructure and digitising our processes.”

This transformation is already underway, as PassMeFast’s office-based staff has grown by 250% in 12 months. The business is working towards centralising and refining the systems within its unique model, investing in digital and tech resources to achieve its ambitious goals.

When speaking on the driving tuition industry, Kevin said, “We’re here to create a better way for driving instructors and students to come together because the industry is primed for disruption. There’s an immense amount of pressure on the system because the pandemic forced 97% of driving tests in 2020 to be cancelled. So it’s a perfect time to rewrite the rules and create a better way to learn to drive.”

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