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e3creative Appoints Account Director Katy White Alongside Five Web Developers

Integrated digital agency e3creative continues to expand their team with a series of recruits featuring a new addition to their director team. Katy White join e3creative with a decade of experience in the digital industry comprised of leading senior management roles at various creative agencies, including London bases of international agencies, prior to connecting with e3creative.

“When I was initially looking to relocate back to Manchester, I discovered e3creative and immediately was impressed by the quality of creative the team was outputting. I met Jake [Founder of e3creative] and was blown away by his enthusiasm and forward-thinking approach. We kept in touch over the years, then, when I heard about e3creative’s phenomenal growth and new office, I knew I had to be part of it.”

e3creative’s growing reputation also attracted new web developer, Greg Nicholson, as he comments:

“From working with various digital agencies in Manchester, I became aware of e3creative and followed their presence, admiring their coding style and overall use of digital. They operate to a higher standard to what’s out there.”

Greg joins fellow new coders; Tom Lerendu, Ed Gunn, Mike Stopford and Jason Clegg. As e3creative continues their hiring spree, Founder Jake Welsh encourages creative talent to approach the agency.

“As we expand our studio space in Manchester city centre with the opening of an additional floor, we’re looking for eager craftsmen that want to grow with us. Opportunities are emerging across the agency in UX, design, mobile and web development, project planning, digital marketing, and beyond. It’s an exciting phase for the agency and equally for local job seekers in the industry.”

Those interested in pursuing employment at e3creative are encouraged to visit the career page on their website to get in touch directly with the agency. The growth period e3creative is facing stems from new client wins with Sony PlayStation, the Lowry, and Hotel Football, as well as growing their existing contracts through digital operation services, video, and omnichannel marketing.

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