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Eagle Platforms – Creating New Jobs in Sheffield while Saving the Planet!

The background

It is a bold claim, but one that is backed up by a whole host of evidence. Eagle Platforms are a Sheffield-based company that provides a vast range of access platforms for hire (machinery for working at height) as well as being one of the country’s top providers of training programs accredited by industry leaders IPAF and PASMA. Dedicated, reliable, competitively priced and punctual, Eagle Platforms have won contracts with a plethora of high profile clients, including recently with Manchester United and Rangers football clubs. In spite of these big, media-worthy contracts Eagle Platforms have never lost sight of their work with more intimate local companies and their reputation speaks for itself.


Eagle Platforms have always been proud of their commitment to apprenticeship programs and while the pandemic put a spanner in the works for a time things have been moving in the right direction once again, since the beginning of 2021. Earlier this year Eagle Platforms placed an order worth £2million for a new fleet of telehandlers and as a result of this substantial order, 6 new jobs were carved out. In terms of the specific Sheffield jobs created, they included the role of HGV driver demonstrator, apprenticeships, a plant mechanic and sales executive and administrative roles within the business. The need for these additional roles arose alongside the increased supply and delivery requirements associated with the boost to the fleet to clients Yorkshire wide.

Eagle Platforms’ systematic expansion and restlessness when it comes to pursuing the very best range of equipment in the UK means that they are at the forefront of job creation in the powered access market, not only in a Sheffield context but compared to any such company in the country.

A word from the directorship

The pride that Eagle Platforms feel in being able to create these new roles is, perhaps best left to Dan Stewart, Managing Director Designate to express. “I am extremely pleased to say that despite the obvious effect of COVID on the Construction industry we have been able to expand our workforce and grow our fleet. By adding new Telehandlers to our fleet, we can offer a truly one stop shop to our clients, and bring our expertise and standards from the Access industry to the supply of Telehandlers too! It also means that we are able to expand our team with the appointments of another Sales Manager, a Mechanic with Telehandler expertise, a further driver and Hire Administrator.”

Green intentions

There is very little point in creating jobs, growing businesses and expanding one’s client base if the very foundation of your industry is not in line with the changes we need to make to reduce carbon emissions and help with the climate emergency. Eagle Platforms is fully aware of their responsibility when it comes to ensuring that their fleet of powered access machines is as green as possible. In all categories of the fleet there are machines that take advantage of the latest technology, representing the lowest carbon emissions possible.


Eagle Platforms’ electric fleet come with the latest battery systems enabling a synergy of reduced costs and maintenance as well as dramatically reduced carbon footprints for on-site operations. Running costs are reduced as well and noise levels can be kept down, reducing noise pollution in residential areas. The electric machines on offer from Eagle Platforms are at the forefront of sustainability in the industry.


The hybrid range offered by Eagle Platforms is vast and diverse, comprising of booms and scissors up to the 20m range and gives much needed flexibility, while contributing to reduced carbon emissions. Hybrid machines are perfect for a wide range of applications, including outdoors and the ability to switch to a high performance diesel engine is much valued in the instance of low charge, making the hybrid option a very popular choice.


Yes, you read correctly. Even diesel machines can boast some green credentials. Eagle Platforms have made every effort to maximise carbon reduction across the fleet and boast diesel machines that take advantage of Carbon Capture capabilities that reduce emissions compared to older models while retaining optimal efficiency and capability in all environments.

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