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Elite Performance event brings sports and business leaders together

Left to right: Karen Lee, Rob Elliot, Sarah O’Mahoney and Maurice Duffy.

Tynemouth-based, mindset and leadership specialist, Dr Maurice Duffy – whose clients include Australian cricket player and the world’s leading batsman, Steve Smith – is bringing a star line-up of business and sports personalities to Newcastle to discuss Elite Performance.

Dr Duffy will be supported by professional footballers Mike Williamson and Rob Elliot, Olympic champion, Chris Cook, MP Lisa Nandy, Sir Jim Mackey of Northumbria Healthcare and from the business world by Karen Lee and Sarah O’Mahoney, Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations.

Dr Duffy frequently travels the world and is recognised as one of the top coaches on mindset and change. He works with FTSE100 board members and coaches elite sports personalities, including Olympic champions and premiership football players. He is currently working with members of the Australian cricket team to improve mental toughness and create a winning mindset. He is also assisting high profile political figures in Westminster to develop resilience and presence.

Dr Duffy, said: “Average performers prepare to start, elite performers prepare to finish. There is an assumption that people working at a high level already have a winning mindset but this is often not the case. My job is to shift a person’s mindset so they deliver elite performances.

“We have assembled a strong line-up for our Elite Performance event. They are very successful people in their own right and all demonstrate a mental toughness and resilience that they call upon every day of their lives. It is what drives them forward and which separates them from the rest. They have a winning mindset that embraces change and the possibility of failure and pushes them forward.”

Newcastle United goalkeeper, Rob Elliot, said: “Being the best version of you is the only way to get to the top. Trying to be something or someone your not will always leave you falling short.”

Dr Duffy has previously worked as European HR director for Nortel Networks and was also executive vice president at Manpower. He has worked in consultancy since 1999 with clients including Hewlett Packard, Google, Barclays and Rio Tinto, for whom he delivered executive learning in over 20 countries. He has also worked extensively with the NHS. He is currently chairman of Blackswan Group.