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Engagement with One Day smashed all-time sales for Manchester-based KOI Footwear

One Day Agency - Digital Marketing Agency

One Day Agency appointed little over 5 months ago to oversee all digital marketing for the growing Manchester-based niche footwear brand KOI Footwear have just set an all-time sales record for August and doubling last year’s November shopping season month in the process.

The digital boutique agency with an all-senior team, also based in Manchester and founded late last year by ex-Google Ricardo Seixas, has already acquired a great portfolio of clients such as Domino’s Pizza, the upcoming fast fashion brand Femme Luxe and the leading healthcare mobile app start-up Tonic App amongst others.

Ricardo Seixas said: “Starting a digital agency is always the most financially absurd idea one can have but we saw there was a huge gap in the market that annoyed us profoundly because we could see it destroying value. Mostly due to how agencies, big and small, digital and not, are still operating today. KOI’s success is a great testament to what can be achieved simply by removing knowledge silos, conflict generating models like percentage of ad spent and, most importantly, that at the end of the day it’s good ol’ advertising we are creating and managing. Not “content”. Not “creative”. KOI shares the same fundamental values and our collaboration goes as far as doing in situ workshops, and that was and is the key success of this venture.”

KOI, a Japanese word that translates to “Love”, is a 100% vegan footwear online retailer with an all-original collection designed by its founder. With humble beginnings in early 2018, the brand is now on an exponential growth curve tackling a subculture market of a highly engaged young demographic.

Plyska Genova, PR & Marketing Manager comments: “Our digital presence at KOI is key, and we’re always looking at ways to creatively engage with our target audience, especially the digitally savvy Gen Z. Working with One Day has given us more opportunity and time to test new platforms to do so, while simultaneously keeping a steady increase in ROAS and sales.”

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