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Entrepreneurs Launch Online Space-Saving Furniture Store in Response to Shrinking Size of UK Homes

In the 1970s, the size of the average home in the UK peaked at 83.3sqm, but the average size of a new-build home (built since 2010) is now just 67.8sqm – smaller than two London Tube carriages. This space squeeze has prompted demand for customised, space-efficient furniture to soar.

In a direct response to this trend, entrepreneurs Phil Marsh and Colin Ibberson have joined forces to launch Hudel Living, a new online furniture store dedicated to selling space-saving furniture and accessories, including beds, wardrobes, drawers and desks.

Phil and Colin have 16 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and assembling bespoke furniture that enables their customers to make the most of tight spaces and small, ‘box-sized’ rooms. Now the duo want to bring bespoke furniture to the masses after seeing demand for their space-efficient furniture increase year-on-year as a result of shrinking living space in the UK.

The website, HudelLiving will sell customisable modern and affordable furniture alongside space-saving accessories, with each product range carefully designed to maximise functional space and perfectly fit the dimensions of most small rooms.

Commenting on the launch, co-founder of Hudel Living, Phil Marsh, says: “It’s well known that there is a shortage of housing across the UK and developers of new homes can’t build them fast enough to hit quotas. But the other side of this problem is less talked about – not only are there not enough houses, but the ones being built are shrinking in size. This means that modern families need to make the most of smaller spaces in order to live comfortably.

“The demand for customisation has continued to grow, with nearly 50% of consumers under the age of 40 seeking personalised products or services, but unfortunately custom-built furniture is expensive and out of reach for most of us. That’s why, in response to customer demand, we’ve created and sourced a range of furniture that can be bought in a variety of size options chosen especially to fit most small, box-sized rooms and fully-customised to the customer’s specifications with accessories. This means that each piece of furniture will not only fit the room perfectly, but will also fit the lifestyle of the customer – exactly what you need when space is at an all-time premium.”