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Expert urges Britain to follow EU’s green legislative lead

Kevin Brown, chief executive, Pacifica

Kevin Brown, Pacifica’s Chief Executive, has welcomed the European Union’s new proposal to force manufacturers to repair domestic appliances and urges the UK government to follow suit.

Pacifica is a nationwide business that specialises in repairing domestic appliances, including, in excess of 350,000 home appliances every year, undertaken by a team of more than 240 engineers across the UK.

The move by the EU will extend its ‘right to repair’ legislation, introduced in January 2021, and will lead to fewer appliances going to landfill.

The EU estimates that 35 million tonnes of products go to landfill each year, which will be further cut by the introduction of this tougher legislation.

Consumers will also have the right to demand that their products are fixed by the manufacturers for up to ten years, even if they are no longer under warranty. Furthermore, manufacturers will have to repair goods that are still under guarantee if they cost the same, or less than, a replacement.

Under current UK law, which came into effect in March 2021, manufacturers are legally required to ensure repair information and spare parts are available for up to 10 years for certain new white goods and televisions.

Pacifica has experienced a growth in appliance repair bookings since the introduction of the UK ‘right to repair’ legislation, through its partnerships with major manufacturers.

The company works closely with a number of high-profile brands such as Electrolux, Sony, Hisense, Vestel, Howdens (Lamona) and LG, along with major retailers including, Argos and Shop Direct, and insurance providers, to provide repair and maintenance services.
It is estimated that more than 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is generated globally every year, averaging some seven kilograms of e-waste per capita.

Kevin said: “The UK made a significant move with the introduction of ‘right to repair’ in 2021, which makes a considerable contribution to reducing the impact of white goods on the environment. This, of course, followed the EU’s original repair legislation, which has now been enhanced and should be followed here in the UK too.

“Strengthening this legislation will make it much easier for consumers to make more informed choices. It gives them confidence in knowing that they can extend the life of their existing appliance or choose to buy a replacement, which increases the sustainability of the industry.”