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Eyeweb Believes Digital Marketing is More Important than Ever

The Eyeweb team

Based at Maritime Business Park in Hessle, which presents a majestic view across the glistening Humber, web design agency Eyeweb is celebrating eighteen years of helping businesses to grow through bespoke digital solutions. However, due to the coronavirus crisis, the entire team has been working from home since March, made possible by implementing the latest technology to keep productivity at peak performance.

Over the years, Eyeweb has developed brands for a wide range of clients. Recent projects include websites for Ultralets, Rangeford Villages and Humberside Fire and Rescue, with each one built from scratch in order to meet specific requirements and goals. During these difficult times, Paul Scott, Managing Director at Eyeweb, believes that businesses need to focus on marketing and communications more than ever:

“Right now it’s easy for a company to allow its digital activity to fall behind, yet it should actually be the opposite. Attracting new and relevant visitors to your website is crucial if you want to stay on top of the situation, plus it’s worth thinking about ways of making the user experience more straightforward and intuitive.”

With people using the internet even more than usual, the focus on giving customers a tailored online experience that allows them to interact with a brand on a personal level has never been more important. Whilst working from their homes, the team at Eyeweb continues to explore new ways of improving the digital journey, from optimised sites that load very quickly, to engaging content that creates an instant connection.

Paul adds: “Eyeweb is constantly evolving and we always have a finger on the pulse of buyer behaviours and the expectations of web users. By staying in touch through video calls and messaging apps, our team members are discussing how coronavirus will change the way people use the internet and responding with innovative ideas for future solutions.”

The agency recently celebrated its eighteenth birthday whilst working from home. Though a staff night out was not possible, everyone at Eyeweb enjoyed a slice of cake from their home office, blowing out the candles virtually through a companywide video call.

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