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Fairydogmother to launch free canine happiness clinic

Kerry Lawson - The Fairydogmother

A Leeds dog trainer and behavioural expert will lead a special free event for owners with dogs prone to anxiety or aggression.

Kerry Lawson, also known as the Fairydogmother, will host the first ‘Happy Dog Project’ clinic in the annexe of New Life Community Church, Yeadon on Saturday 4 April at 2.30pm.

She explained: “Have you got a dog who lunges, barks or growls at other dogs?

“Or a dog who growls at you when you try and take something off him at home – a bone or a sock he has stolen?

“A dog who destroys your house or barks the place down when you leave him alone to go to work because he is terrified of being alone?

“Or one who growls, backs off or snaps at people who approach to try and stroke him?

“Many people have dogs who get spooked easily or who have sound phobias.

“Being the owner of a fearful, anxious dog is hard; it is emotional, frustrating and even quite scary sometimes.

“I want to help.”

Kerry will give a presentation, followed by a practical demonstration on what owners can do to help their troubled pooches.

She will also be joined by a special guest speaker whose identity will be revealed later this month.

After the formalities, both will be available to chat to about all doggie-related issues over coffee and cake.

To ensure a relaxed atmosphere, Kerry has asked that owners leave their dogs at home.

She said: “I have decided to make it a dog free event because I don’t want a room full of scared, reactive dogs barking at each other.”

And whilst entry will be free, Kerry hopes that two animal charities will benefit from her venture.

She added: “I’m not charging anything to attend the clinic, all I ask is that owners make a donation at the door of £10. All proceeds will be split evenly between German Shepherd Dog Rescue and Moorview Rescue.”

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