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Family, business and Lancaster University Management School entwined in partnership with North Wales firm

Jason Butler, Aftermarket Sales Director (Northern Europe) with Reflexallen UK (left), with new Reflexallen Marketing Manager Andrew Francomb, a LUMS Marketing graduate

Lancaster University Management School students so impressed one company with their expertise, they inspired the hiring of a LUMS graduate.

Jason Butler, Aftermarket Sales Director (Northern Europe) with Reflexallen UK, worked with a team of five Lancaster Executive MBA students on a student marketing project. That project demonstrated to Jason the benefits of employing a marketing manager.

Reflexallen, a manufacturer of plastic and electrical components for commercial vehicles, with bases in Wales and Northern Ireland, have since appointed a LUMS Marketing graduate into the new role, while Jason’s daughter Libby started as a student in the department this autumn.

“Working with the EMBA students confirmed to me that I wanted a marketing manager,” said Jason. “We were looking for someone who was fresh from university and looking for their first job, and we found that person in Andrew Francomb, who has just graduated from Lancaster.

“Andrew was the best person for the job, but I already knew Libby wanted to go to Lancaster, I was concerned I was being unconsciously biased towards Lancaster, so he probably had a harder time to get the job than he might have done otherwise – so it just shows how good a fit he is.

“The family later found out that Libby had managed to get her first choice university place on the LUMS Marketing course, so we have a full house of connections.”

LUMS graduate Andrew recognised the role his degree and the Management School’s career service played in his being able to impress and earn a job with Reflexallen.

He said: “As any student knows, finding employment after finishing their degree is one of the most stressful parts of the university experience. I feel fortunate to have had the constant support of LUMS staff, from academic advisors, to course coordinators and careers advisors.

“I’d like to thank Vicky Metcalfe in particular for her help, and for putting me in touch with Jason and Reflexallen in the first place. The help, combined with the support and overall sense of community at Lancaster were instrumental in not only securing me this exciting new role, but also ensuring that my time at Lancaster University will leave a lasting impression for years to come.”

Lancaster University MBA Corporate Relations Manager Grahame Brown said: “We’re delighted that the EMBA students who worked with Jason and his team made such an impact. Working with businesses on such projects benefits both the students and the firms, and we can see clearly from the subsequent appointment of a LUMS graduate as Reflexallen’s new marketing manager what a positive impression the EMBA team made.”