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Flying high! Local pupil’s birdhouse built at Hexham housing development

A talented pupil of Hexham East First School has seen her birdhouse design come to life at David Wilson Homes’ Woodland Rise development. Six-year-old Abby Armstrong, the winner of the design competition held by the local housebuilder, returned to Woodland Rise to view the newly built birdhouse for the first time.

The competition received many entries that were judged by the team at David Wilson Homes, and Abby’s was selected as the winner for her creativity and thought that went into creating a comfortable home for birds. Her prize was to see it brought to life and installed in the showhome garden at the luxury housing development on Corbridge Road, as well as being awarded a gift voucher.

Ashlea Wright, Sales Manager at Woodland Rise, said: “It’s been great to see Abby’s winning design become a reality and we’re delighted that she’s happy with the final birdhouse. David Wilson Homes always looks to support the communities in which it builds its developments and this initiative has been particularly beneficial, as it’s encouraged young people to explore their creativity, as well as providing a great home for the local birds!”

Woodland Rise is set to become a beautiful new community on the outskirts of Hexham, perfect for families and those moving up the property ladder. Five star housebuilder, David Wilson Homes North East, has also teamed up with the RSPB to provide top tips on how new residents can give nature a home and ensure they have plenty of feathered friends close by.

1. Provide plenty of food

With the frosty weather in full force and the ground often frozen, it can be hard for birds to find food. To ensure birds pay a visit to your new garden, be sure to lay out plenty of food to entice them, including seeds and suet, which can be put in a bird feeder or on a bird table.

Make sure to top up your bird feed regularly, but other than that this is a perfect and hassle-free way to enjoy watching birds from the comfort of your own home.

2. Create a sparrow street

Introduce a nestbox into your garden providing somewhere for house sparrows to raise their chicks.

Sadly, the UK population of house sparrows has halved in recent years, so the RSPB is encouraging people to build sparrow boxes and put them up in their gardens, providing shelter and a home for the birds. These can be done using materials such as wood, rubber, nails and screws, or for those who don’t have the time to make one, the bird boxes are available to buy from the RSPB website.

Sparrows like to have their friends nearby so why not encourage a colony of them in your garden by building a sparrow street and putting a row of them together?

3. Plant a tree in your garden

Trees play a vital part in offering birds a home so why not invite them into your garden by planting a tree? They offer song perches, nesting sites, safe retreats, and highways in the sky, so there’s no reason why this wouldn’t help bring wildlife into your own garden.

This can be much easier and more affordable than you think. This works with trees of all sizes, so don’t think because you have a smaller garden you might not be able to take part, as apple trees are a perfect choice for those with less room.

Birds may not flock to your garden immediately, but if you sit back and watch how your tree blossoms, they’ll be nesting in there before you know it.

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