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FOD Mobility Group to launch new Movezero eMaaS technology platform

Leading mobility technology provider FOD Mobility Group has announced the launch of its new Movezero electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) technology platform to help companies and their employees make the shift towards greener, more sustainable travel.

The dedicated application integrates the booking, payment, and aggregation of EV charging with a wide range of all-electric transport modes and services into a single eMaaS platform.

Zerohire offers short-term EV hire for periods of 1 to 27 days, powered by the company’s Fleetondemand platform, and Zeroplus is Movezero’s EV flexi lease service for periods of 28 days or more with no upfront costs or long-term contracts.

Movezero simplifies electric vehicle charging by combining the aggregation of public charging with at-home charging into a single audited solution. By aggregating multiple EV charge point operators and consolidating billing, Movezero will reduce the need to carry multiple membership cards and charge point tokens.

Users can store and retrieve their membership details within the app and view the location and availability of nearby charge points in real-time. The platform also delivers the capability to consolidate and audit at-home EV charging with full driver reimbursement.

The future development roadmap for Movezero includes the addition of EVs, available by the hour through car club integrations nationwide. Multiple micromobility services will also be fully integrated, encompassing shared bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters for first-mile and last-mile journeys. This will ensure wider availability for customers without the need to download various micromobility apps for different locations. This content will be provided via the company’s award-winning MaaS platform Mobilleo.

Movezero is being developed using the content and aggregation functionality of FOD Mobility Group’s highly scalable Mobilleo and Fleetondemand technology APIs. These platform APIs consolidate hundreds of integrated suppliers into one single B2B solution that Movezero and its customers will benefit from.

Justin Whitston, CEO and Founder at FOD Mobility Group, commented: “The Movezero eMaaS platform is a unique, all-encompassing solution for organisations looking to supercharge their shift towards electric vehicle mobility. The full transition to EVs will be one of the most important actions to achieve the UK’s Net Zero target by 2030. Movezero is ideal for organisations looking to start their journey to fleet electrification or reduce their carbon footprint in relation to business travel.”