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Fresh winter air can deliver up to 80% cost savings on free cooling systems

Fresh winter air can deliver up to 80% cost savings on air-cooling systems

Yorkshire based Newsome to offer rental option on free coolers to help local businesses save money on manufacturing processes

With energy costs rising and increasing pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint, manufacturers are striving to embrace environmental initiatives to combat climate change; whilst engineering managers are being challenged to increase manufacturing efficiency, whilst reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

PWC’s latest UK Manufacturing Operations Pulse survey – November ’21* highlights that 81% of UK manufacturers are investing in reducing energy use and measuring energy efficiency.

With the onset of Autumn introducing cooler outside air temperatures, alternative solutions are available to traditional air-cooled chillers. Free coolers utilise external fresh ambient air to provide partial or 100% free cooling – providing a far more energy-efficient and cost-effective way to provide chilled fluid to their processors, to maintain optimum cooling temperatures.

When ambient air temperatures are low enough, especially through autumn, winter and into early spring, a free cooler automatically dissipates the system heat, allowing the chiller to reduce its power consumption.

As free cooling reduces the annual total system energy consumption the savings made can be reinvested elsewhere into the business. Furthermore, they can in turn increase plant component longevity, thus assisting to meet important carbon reduction targets.

Richard Metcalfe, Director temperature control and humidity experts, Newsome, based in Elland, West Yorkshire, explains: “Free Cooling is a fast and effective way to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint on refrigerated, process water cooling applications. Depending on the external air temperatures and the temperature you want to achieve, chillers can typically be partially or fully offloaded for up to 90% of the year. It simply means that you can significantly reduce the energy consumption and achieve a lower carbon footprint for your company.”

The ROI for implementing a Free Cooler in a traditional chiller system is truly impressive, depending on location, some companies could have a payback period of as little as 12 months. The system not only reduces the energy consumption and contributes to a greener profile for companies- by offloading the chiller, it also extends the chiller lifespan with potential cost reduction on servicing.

Traditionally, free cooling systems are generally only available to purchase. However, for a limited period -Newsome plans to offer companies the opportunity to rent a free cooling system to allow them to evaluate the potential cost savings available, before investing in a solution that is fully tailored to meet their individual business requirements.

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